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Lista de DVD's de Shows com a letra A: INTERNACIONAIS Cesar Menotti e Fabiano – Palavras de Amor (Ao Vivo) DVDRip XviD Sandy e Júnior – Acústico MTV. Vulvurina es un podcast tropical intergaláctico cautiva al más escéptico y pone a bailar a la más tiesa.


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sandy e junior acustico mtv dvd torrent

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Ministiy Of Sound Ministry Of Sound bring you a seminal greatest hits collection for a revolutionary new sound! Tech-Pop is a hybrid of Techno, Rock, Eleclronica, House and Pop and is already creating a commotion so big that clubs around the world playing it exclusively. Featuring Flscherspooner. His material has appeared on close to 30 different compilation albums over the past year or so with sales approaching 1 million.

The tvvo new album. Through deep puddly. Karl has now been dry for four and a half years and those quickfire lyrics have consequently brightened up. Rick Smith, his remaining partner in Underworld, is almost certainly still a workaholic, however; still permanently of furrowed brow and anxious mindset.

The biggest shocker, of course, is that Darren Emerson is no longer with them. Deciding that family, DJing and his Underwater label took precedence over the tribulations of life in a decade-old dance band, he jumped ship in Underworld supplied a techno take and a more experimental 'Up 2 Down' mix.

Worth selling your gran for. It was released across various twelves and CDs, with some radical re-interpretations. Holy crap movies! The album, though an awesomely smooth affair to listen to, was a bastard to make. They were working in different studios, biking demos to and fro. Darren admitted he felt the outsider, that he craved more hands-on involvement.

And then in May , putting an end to months of speculation, he left. Darren was not kicked out or anything like that. Darren chose to go. But that became less the case through the Nineties. He was DJing less and less, and took fewer Underworld dub plates out to play. It still sounds just like Underworld, tliough. He splashed out on a brick-sized Walkman in the early Eighties, just so he could see if Cardiff town centre would look different if you walked through it with Kraftwerk throbbing in your ears.

Meanwhile Leftfield have split up. Underworld lost a member but are having more fun than ever and might just have released the best album of the year. I was this chemical flowing into a sea of other chemicals. Ha ha ha! It had to go down in my notepad. People like its linear feel.

The vocal reminds me of a religious prayer. But it was really fun to make. It's very gentle, like installation music. It kinda fell out one night, inspired by this little bit of guitar playing by Karl. I suffer from really bad eyes, you see. I love the bassline and the lyrics. Sometimes, when you take risks, things go vvTong. Sometimes, however, tliey pay dividends, as Jon - not someone to be put off by near-death experiences and a month in hospital - knows well.

Another pratfall more tlian 20 years later led to him getting the job that gave him his name. Clawing himself out of a six-foot deep roadside trench after nearly being knocked down by a car, minus a tootli and spattered with his own blood, he was picked up by Ibizenco, the owner of Sa TVincha Cafe on Salinas Beach.

Funnily enough, Jon did, and so diis charming man, who resembles Mick Jagger crossed witli a lugubrious camel, began carving out what many would consider an ideal life. I'alk about having your paella and eating it.

Places fdled with unfeasibly good looking Latino babes and hunks, strEmge and ancient monuments and big, fuck-off cliff faces where Muzik can very nearly die like a dog in the mid-day sun. So here we go. Hanging from nearby trees you find little mobiles, crucifixes and what have you, and as trite and hippy as that sounds, the effect is rather magickal. As is Atlantis proper. And when we went, there were some German nudists.

Mr Moon had it dismantled, flown to Ibiza in crates and reassembled, as you do. Now it houses a record shop, a bar, a party venue and, obviously, a very nice restaurant. He had to wait for three years before planning permission came through so he could open It - planning rules are very peculiar over here. There are I some really shit buildings on Ibiza, so I why try and stop somebody putting I up such a stunning temple?

You get a real mixture of people at Bambuddha - hippies, DJs, supermodels. I say! What an absolute corker! Collective vvww. Acid makes you lose your mind. Marijuana makes you fuzzy-headed and confused about what you wanted to do that morning.

Massive Attack-come-latelies serving up McAngst in polystyrene cartons, with a wanly photogenic lead singer. Reaction was muted, as Paul ruefully recalls. It was like a little holiday from being so heavy all the time. We wanted to have a hit single. The songs have a real musical depth to them, with complex arrangements that mix hip hop, easy listening and classical. It was so funny, we were just falling around laughing. The results could have sounded like an easy- listening album with breakbeats - a naff.

Groove Armada-style sarnple- it-and-sell-it-back record - but the sheer thoughtfulness and complexity means they pull it off. Was it worth it? He turned up on time, no entourage, on his own, no gun, just an eye-patch and a diamond-encrusted Rolex. Pacewon wanted his money in cash so he could go shopping.

Throughout the interview Skye is reserved and says very little. What we learn is that she is still very happy singing and not writing the lyrics Paul does it all and that she is appearing on her singing coach's vocal CD available at Brighton College. Skye is still a woman of mystery, say the Godfrey brothers. They claim to know very little of her personal life, yet the band will drink a lot on tour together, so they must have learned a bit They went mad on the last US tour, they say, doing everything to excess.

There are also crisps, chilled beers, vodka and many bottles of wine - none of which have been touched yet. They are ecstatic as they come off stage. There were a few glitches in the set, Ross reckons, but nothing serious. The crowd stand on their pews and sing along. The band have cracked the live thing and run off to the album launch party down the road to add a copious amount of alcohol to their blood streams.

And the drugs? EMI Telesales, Tel: Fax: Nestling amid the Moorish columns and palm trees is an old man silting on an iron sphere set into the ground, blasting out elderly Spanish crooners on a battered tape recorder. Sayyid, who completes the trio, has blown out the intendew to go to the beach. It was a good outlet. Labels were bemused.

Priest scours the shops for a tacky blue sombrero to take home as a souvenir. Are Antipop weirdos? DJ Hell and his latest bitch, Canadian 'electroclash' poster boy TIga, were so good at the miniscule Moog club that your trusty correspondents missed their flight home. And so will everyone else in the entire world, judging by the crush to get in to the venue. Peaches even persuades them to don Maradona masks and have a bit of a kickabout onstage as an encore. We run into Pan Sonic again later on, playing a nifty Jamaican dancehall set in the tiny Benldorm bar, which seems to serve as both an unofficial Finnish Embassy and a drop-in centre for alcoholics.

Electro-trash merchants Op:l Bastards rumoured to be signing to Warp play a scorcher there, while JIml Tenor recently binned off by Warp packs out Cable Records over the road with his one-man big band sound. Yet another Finn, Luomo, provided one of the Sonar By Night highlights with his slinky, deviant deep house, thrashing around like an albino Bobby Gillespie yet still managing to make laptop use look sexy.

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And the other 10 tracks are equally beguiling. Some advice from Muzik Central? You need this album! So what does that leave us? Watch this space. Beguiling, though, probably is. Kela has outstanding oral skills. The vibe is pure Rio De Janeiro, as Lava and muso chums seek to recreate that old samba magic in a studio in Shibuya.

Stabs of techno and waves of minimal orchestration combine into rhythms stretched so fine you feel they might break at any moment, so put your head in the clouds and keep it there - this Is a 4am comedown classic. A case of less rock, more roll next time, we reckon. Imagine our surprise when, instead, we were taken on a grand tour of below-par jazzual lounge-funk. Bebel is the daughter of Brazilian samba guitar supremo Joao, who was once married to Astrid, after all.

One might then envisage a hotch-potch of hokey ideas never quite melding together - too many cooks, and all that. Now, with their debut album, Tiefschwarz continue their inexorable rise to the top with trademark phat production, sweet beats and killer basslines a-go-go. One of the house albums of the year, no contest. This is a big, big favourite with the beeyatches in the Muzik office too. On 'Charango', however, they're sounding in the finest of fettles, with not only their best album, but one of the best of the year.

More Moetthan marijuana, mind you. Weatherall would be proud then. Modish electro irony, glitz and glamour are absent - this is techno made by unshaven men in basements smelling of weed and damp. As it should sound, in other words. Ho hum Dilettante Damon is at it again. He manages to keep the intensity level at 11 without ever reaching overload, throwing Ofra Haza and Problem Child into an already potent aural brew. Instead, it's horrendously complex, unrelentingly indulgent and studiously unfocused dance music, made by men who obviously know a lot better.

And the music? Some of it sounds like Sade in slow motion, but with most of the tunes and sophistication taken out. Yes, it's that bad. Keeping the sweetness tempered with a sharp sling is a tough balancing act but Peshay manages it every time. Mournful early hours heroin music, eminently suitable for depressives. Small doses recommended. Much of it is indeed enjoyably hammy, with jolly tunes and a salsa side-salad.

But the other day I watched 12 episodes of The Simpsons In a row. Working with them has been so satisfying. Exogenic Records is normally home to crazy psy- trance and bizarre Scandanavian hoe-downs but Accu defy definition. Imagine the B52s without the irritating singing, but all done on new- fangled machines, like. Queerly appealing. Ah, happy days. Right now. G-Stone Formats. Play Formats.

The most hidden bomb is about to see tiie light It's the Stereotyp album, 12 tracks full of tho typical and unique Stereotyp sound. Lee, Hubert Tubbs, Sugar B. The tracks are a wild mixture of deep moods always with that very special touch The debut album from the ex Shades Of Rhythm boys' 'Drumattical' pitches the cross over of funky breaks with dark drums and tough acid lines. With 12 years. PAPER, compilation series.

Using special edits and Interludes, he has created a driving dancefloor explosion that competes with the likes of Deep Dish's 'Yoshtesque' and Slam's DMC mix. No, Sasha plays records, larges It with his mates and, for the last 10 years, occasionally bemoans the non-appearance of his debut album, an almost mythical item In some circles. The weight of 10 years of expectation.

Charlie May, one of the the engineers, seems rather to sonically hark back to the early Nineties, when his own Spooky outfit flirted with the Zeitgeist. Montage Mix Rhytivm is Rhytliim. Fire Mix. VinyL Attitude MaydayMix. Or it would suck. No proggy building, no off-putting experimental interludes, Just damn funky music all the way through. Yeah, nice bloke, top girlfriend, great album. So you get plenty of fact remains that if you Fortunately, however, there Worldwide favourites old and prefer your beats left of is one show where you can new, from Sun Ra and Gene centre then Radio 1 is largely hear all of the above and Harris to Seiji, Jazzanova and still a cultural wasteland of much, much more.

That show Cinematic Orchestra, mainstream mediocrity. If in the middle of the week. Six months later he's best mates with Sasha. James is a smart cookie. Okay, we might be a bit biased, but this CD really does rock. With bells on. A pounding anthology of appetising beats hand- picked by revered label boss, DJ and shopkeeper Nicky Blackmarket.

Skull-crushing, industrial strength selections which fuse together classic anthems and bowel-loosening sub frequencies. A Good Thing, undoubtedly. Any cop then? Good question. It is, for want of a less stupid phrase. UK urban: the urgent, reckless sound of young Britain. And you thought electroclash and prog breaks were where it was at?

All diced up into little bits with some very, erm, enthusiastic MCing over the top, done by people called things like Bushkin and Specialist Moss. Fuck yeah. Rinsing like Plax. Maybe 46 tracks over two CDs is a little teensy bit too much of a good thing, mind you. It takes a lot of work to make anything stand out from the wave of mediocre chillage that threatens to take over the world. Mole Listening Pearls, alas, is far from compelling, if pleasant enough in parts.

All have recorded tracks exclusively for this album. Yes, and Its strength lies in its variety. Southern Fried What's It all about? Their ressies Jo Mills and Cirillo have put together a double mix package for our delight. Two decidedly different offerings. Hot on the heels of their career retrospective comes a chance for the Hartnoll brothers to show what tickles their collective fancies. What's on It? Jethro Tull. It certainly suggests a night in with the Hartnolls would be a lot more fun than listening to their last album.

Fuck me, what a carat tosser that man Is. Curse you, Diddy! Patrick Cowley? Afrika Bambaataa? Brian Wilson? Without Aphex, the other members of the clan get a chance to shine, although there's sadly no Prefuse 73 or Mark Bell. A much smoother ride than the Fab Four but not without its very own Ringo Starr - step forward Russell Haswell's live flatulence.

Brighton bunch Phonic Hoop put the sounds of their successful club nights onto a CD. A right royal mash-up of funk, soul, hip hop and reggae, with some absolute belters and, surprisingly for a compilation, no duff tracks at all. This is the sound of beer, sunshine and crap dancing - the kind of stuff you wish people played at house parties but never do. Shindig and Ministry regular Satoshi mixes up deep, progressive house over two CDs for the well-respected gang at Global Underground. Progressive, pulsating house with a moody edge, moving into slightly lighter territory for CD2.

It certainly is. Hard, menacing and different, Satoshi's mix keeps the darkness and light in balance for a storming selection. A second helping of wild and unadulterated breaks from the ambassadors of the scene, Bingo Beats, with mixing courtesy of the mighty Zed Bias. The hip hop half of Masters At Work rummages through his disco collection to pay homage to an era that time sbll refuses to forget. What's on H? If you want to know where your favourite house hits filched all their ideas from, look no further.

Hell, yeah! Straddling genres with ease, this is unrelentingly funky and irrepressibly splendid. Life currently can't get much better for Essex boy Dazza with Underworld beneath sorry, behind him and this, the first mix compilation from his burgeoning label, available in all good record shops now.

A superb compilation. Bang on the money, with no hint of a sell-out. It Is if you put on your flared red skirt, pretend the sun is shining, and cavort round the front room snapping your fingers above your head. An utterly schizophrenic album put together by someone with the contemporary dance knowledge of an aphid. Any cop than? An array of deepness. Imagine Dave Angel on a mellow New York tip - that kind of thing. Appealing, then, rather than faceless - a deep house achievement of some sort.

This was an era of champagne, shockingly tight white attire and classic garage cuts from Tuff Jam. Double 99 and Dem 2. Five years on and DJ George Lamb has compiled an album dedicated to the pioneers of the scene. I even stopped going to garage raves. All the beats but none of the moody attitude. Twice as nice indeed. A wonderful return for a truly classic house label and another notch in the big bastard belt of Curtis Jones, aka Green Velvet, aka Cajmere.

In short, the rhythm and keys are classic Carter. A truly innovative record from one of house music's real legends. Here he turns in another startling moment with the help of the Latino shouting of Freeda and some dirty mixes from Derrick Carter. Turn off the lights! Here the man himself provides another soul-soaked journey in smoothness. A real slow-burner. Both tracks have a wonderful pace about them, rolling from one melody to another, always keeping the dancers working.

Alvarado is one of the few producers out there who can make techy tracks sound soulful and organic. One for the Soul Heaven crew. Everyone will recognise the sample and sax solo, while the drums are bang up to date. Onionz on the flip takes it a bit deeper and darker but wisely keeps the bit that makes the dancers scream. The song is from way back in the day. One for Mancuso - though I believe it was only done recently - and definitely one for the more open-minded out there.

A proper dark basement boogie record. If that is a little full-on. James Brown! Eschewing samples. Matty Heilbron takes it to a slightly more house place but still keeps it bad to the bone. This is a very special record. I wanted to release music I was a fan of. There are lots of heads in this town who appreciate soul. Its been bootlegged.

Is It progressive? Many would say not, but who cares? Awesome, anthemic, melodic, electro-pop with a proper Stardust feel, a relentless driving groove and the hook of the year. Tom Middleton, you really are the man! Balearic violin-like synths and waling chants add to its strangely mystical feel.

Flip to find a more full-on Bedrock dub. First up are Evolution, who provide their greatest remix for some time now, adding fresh flair to that hooky melody. Watch this one fly! Nothing mind-blowing, but still highly infectious, with a simplistic groove, minimal percussion and a combination of melodies that mingle together nicely.

Worth a look. Monster Dutch anthemic progressive house, this is still underground and still dark, but it will lift the roof on even the most difficult of clubs. Oooh, you can hear it now - Sasha live from Creamfields on the Essential Mix. Forensic and Little Green Men are the kings of this style.

Nice and simple, but phat as you like. The vibe is deeper and housier, leaning more towards Lawler and Junior rather than your typical progressive releases. Watch these guys, they could just be one of the next big things. Cooler than a penguin in an ice lolly factory! The lead mix is simple and melodic, sharing traits with their early work with more contemporary production. A faith-restoring release that stands so far above the rest!

Now we get four all-new remixes, all of which add a new modern twist to the tale. Superchumbo provides a full on vocal and dark, deep dub. Low End Specialists a solid tribal workout and The Beloved a groovier, techy thing. The Hydrogen Rockers give it a more housey yet still spacey. A super-phat. Be warned though, one listen could have you singing "Don't expect me to forget you.

It's a deep hybrid el electro and techno, soaked in machine soul. Glasgow launch party Mth June. He also hosts his own show on Kiss Tuesday am and records under various guises. Jonas Stone is the ultimate IVIuzik techno trainspotter. He started writing in and dreams of a better life in Windsor, Ontario. Which is apt for this most unpredictable of producers. One minute he's making abstract hip hop, the next he's cutting up disco loops or putting out some mad, impenetrable tech-noise.

Every now and then though, seemingly more by accident than design, he writes the kind of tracks that send dancefloors spastic. This is one of them. And this time round, even the flipside is ace. So is this stuff aimed exclusively at over-thirties like me? Answers on a sandy postcard to the usual address please!

Not what you'd usually associate with Mr Schumacher, but an absolute genius of a tune nonetheless. From Jeff Mills to Gilles Peterson, this will be played to death. This, their second Mode release, is another minor classic.

Synth-led and wonderfully uplifting, this is melodic European techno of the very highest order. They then proceed to do battle on either side of this double-A bass monster. Seems fair enough. Another quality sortie from the UR axis. This follows a similar, if slightly techier path with its quirky melodies and fat, jacking grooves. Think an on-form Derrick Carter in techno mode. Think West Coast rolling funk married to some Juan Atkins robo- grooves.

The idea to work together came later. Germany's Weichei and Voi are producers of the highest calibre, and their particular style of trance will be snapped up by the hungry clubbing populace. The vocal versions are probably going to crash into the national Top Incredible trance. A summer winner! This is Picotto with a twist and may surprise you. The original mix is excellent, but you also get Push, Megavoices Tea, Picotto. D Ramirez and the Filterheadz turn in pretty good mixes, but the original simply slaughters them.

Go Ralphie! If you choose to argue about this, send a stamped addressed fridge to someone who cares about splitting genres. Our tip? These tracks are featured on a very limited pressing, so get them if you can. Seek out.

Using a rich, vibrant, Hispanic lead guitar sound, the artist builds a soundscape that is incomparable. The B-side. Does Grinder work in a machine shop, we wonder? Who cares! ITWT seem to have all the best releases. Consistently adhering to the fundamental basics of the label, they consistently create quality trance music.

At 24, his debut track 'Who Am I? But just who is he? Wonder what the KLF think of that. Swirling synths cascade with an emotive piano and it kicks back in with such subtle Sasha- esque qualities you could be forgiven for asking if they'd just invented Intelligent hard house'. Some might deem the notion a contradiction, but regular readers of this page know the score. The bells then chime to announce a big fuck-off fairground riff that must have been what Kylie was going on about. TEC Lovers of all things techy will dig this abrasive excursion and all its odd diversions.

Lectrolux mainman Jon Truelove likes to be different, and this most certainly is. A tasteful but firm spank in comparison, the Knuckleheadz remix is nonetheless one of their best - oh bondage, up yours! Also includes a darker second mix. The result is raw, dirty, amyl-fuelled hard house, like God intended. Reminds me of the score of a famed football match in Munich.

Suddenly we're transported on the back of a super rave bass from hell and a kick-drum made from freshly felled oak to an odyssey of melodic builds and an all-conquering synth riff. Ilogikal Breaks Two pacy, powerhouse anthems dusted down from the unreleased vaults for peak-time play is what you get on the last ever release from Ilogikal Breaks.

Pounding kicks and bass underpin a hard-assed, funky blend of stabs and filtered riffs, and it all gets quite melodic after the breakdown. It's a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde too, veering from dark and menacing one moment to to chirpy and chiming the next. Some have gone down really well, others need a bit more work. One of my main ambitions Is to produce and release an artist album and establish myself as a major producer.

That would be my dream booking. Fellow breaks maestro and Muzik Award winner Dominic B is. And what kind of a name is Club Riders anyway? But then, as ever, we heard someone else playing it out, and the beats begun to make sense. The disco loop sounded damn good on the radio, even better as the last track at Fabric, and took the roof off at Rooty.

Whatever next? More tribal beats, percussive thinking and bongo breaks business than you can shake a big stick at. Look good kids - and learn to love them now before everyone else does, dammit! But man, are they worth waiting for. The result is a deep analogue breaks cut, which fits perfectly at the start of a set as well as for being played out during those twilight hours.

Still, the track has funk and drive, which helps, and added beef on the flip courtesy of General Midi will please the dancefloor no end. Switching rolling drums for punchy, ragga stepping beats. Can't wait to check his forthcoming album.

Interesting drums work alongside hip hop-style brass sounds glued together with film dialogue samples. I don't know too much about the artist, but any track that gets Its electro shuffle on in this kind of West Coast stylee is worth a second look. Player One gets heavy as usual on the flip. Tight production, good sounds and a heavy bassline should see this slab of plastic get many a rewind in the garage and breakbeat clubs.

The track uses different groove signatures to layer up and to maintain the energy throughout Heavy. Vocal and original horn snippets are dropped over a strong, acidic tinged groove. Unlike a lot of tracks, which sample old school hip hop.

It needs to be played on something like Fabric's sound system to get the full devastating effect but it definitely works for me. Seek and destroy. No big breakdowns or gnarly basslines. Just good beats riding a phat groove. This is the sort of breaks track that deep house DJs could get with. More please. Between them, they know more about garage than Ricky Butcher and Phil Mitchell combined.

His quality-not-quantity approach leaves all the DJs gagging to possess his latest tracks - a lead that other producers would do well to follow. Growing up in the toughest parts of east London, Dizzy with support from close friend.

Easily the biggest MC tune out there. This is a well produced track that makes great use of the sitar over a very danceable club beat. The name and title are open for debate, but AK47 demonstrates that he is unlike other MCs out there. His delivery is more of a rap and his lyrics, although controversial, make the track what it is.

First we had Missy, now AK47 - could this be a new trend? Either way, his position as head of Black Vinyl and his 10 years of experience as a writer, DJ, party promoter and producer speak for themselves. Mucho grande. Bubbling bass, fierce percussion and hushed vocal whispers are complemented by subtle acid synth tweaks, while superb production ties it all together. With rasping sax, layered synth. Now we know that summer is here! Here they lend production guidance to live Latin soul outfit Mood Rotation, using heaps of original instruments and fresh percussion to complement the fly female vocals to perfection.

Another superb release from one of the best new labels of recent years. Ned Denny is unwell. But even that pales beside 'Eternal', an instant darkcore classic whose relentless death whine blares over more Detroit lyricism and another intense, scuttling break.

Best doublepack of the year so far. The sinuous, deep bassline still takes centre stage, only this time round, the breaks are a touch fussier and the hardcore flavours are brought to the fore. Somewhat heavier beats-wise than most of their recent stuff, 'Hotspot' is saved from run-of-the-mill darkside drudgery by a hypnotic little bongo- shiver that pops in and out of the track like a benevolent ghost.

Over on the other side, 'Love 2 U' blends a simple vocal hook, a descending old school bassline, restless Apache fragments and all manner of pastoral bleepiness. Properly lush. Jungle dub with turbo power. All in ail, darkness worth dancing to. Not only that, but the dense drum blasts of the break are supplanted by some immense darkside effects. Aquasky got meaner, moodier and a little less likeable. Somewhat better are the bongo- embellished beats, cool horn licks and synthesized grandeur of flipside 'Do Anything'.

Getting there. One for the boys. Wolfish bass tones growl while dense, deep drums propel the sounds and fury. Nocturnal bliss. A rich, half-speed bassline, strange watery shimmers and an abundance of malevolence make for pure rhythmic poetry. Utterly sublime. Sounds like Speed all over again. And yet. Bukem has unwittingly become fashionable again.

Time for him to open another London club, we reckon. You better believe it. I've known Bukem for 10 years and he's always inspired me. I guess I'm fusing my love of soul and funk with hardcore beats for the floor. D'lU; '. I also tike M. It's all due throughout For bookings and information on overnight rail travel to Germany and other destinations in Europe please contact the: Deutsche Bahn UK Booking Centre on 43 53 63 or visit our web site at www.

In the last year he has predicted smash hits months upfront from Brandy, Tweet and Fat Joe. Tony would still like to go to Ibiza before the year is out N. Last year, the re-christened N. Not the sort of tune that will be crossing over any time soon - giving you all the more reason to track It down. This new single sees a complete change of style as Shade swaps slickness for sickness thanks to a superbly twisted beat from Timbaland. Fans of leftfield hip hop.

A safe selection. A definite grower. In the US, meanwhile, both tracks have been passed over in favour of an uncharacteristically hard collaboration with MOP. Trimmed down to a duo, having lost K Gee to the world of production, the boys are joined by 3LW for a typically catchy slice of piano-led, good times hip hop. Bad Boy label mate Faith Evans is wheeled In to give the chorus some extra welly.

Not bad, but not brilliant. For this new single. No ID provides some typically understated but classy beats, and also procures some excellent guest vocals from ghetto crooner Jaheim. More of a head-nodder than a big hit but good nonetheless. J In its original form this song, written by Prince but produced by Keys herself, is a slight track that sounds more suited to the back end of her album than for release as a single.

Alicia Keys fans may or may not be disappointed. Dave Kelly's original is remarkably restrained, leaving it to others to put some more fire into the proceedings. Here, the synth-driven backing of the original is replaced by a beat that could almost be the work of Prince, while the song structure gets tightened up. Good work. The group, formed after a musical meeting of minds while studying at Western Kentucky University, are philosophical about the rise of the South in hip hop. All he wants for Christmas Is world peace.

It isn't Christmas yet? Not aii of it is perfect but its soui is always in the right place. Rola actually seems liberated by coming out on his own and rhymes with verve, aggression and style. Nice one. Luckily Mr Ladd sorts out this problem, turning the original into a driving piece of bounce that would go Top 40 with Ludacris on it and Def Jam behind it even with that bizarre Gary Numan interlude.

All Natural, USA The Chi-town drummer and MC returns with a finaliy upiifting anaiysis of ghetto iife which shows his rhyme skiils very much on the up. With two beats here suppiied by the Moiemen and one from Dug infinite, you know what kind of soul-jazzy class to expect, musicwise. The real revelation is the freedom rhyming of Marad, who - on this form - is a name to watch out for.

First Man hook up skipping, contemporary beats and D. A really distinctive, funny, bullish debut. Check, then keep an eye out for more. Hence, the feel of the record is a little old-fashioned. On the other hand, that's quite a contemporary sound these days and Yaggfu do It with humour, some great vocal styling and none of the po-faced hip hop correctness that infects the genre.

Without doubt his best release yet. The guy is in prison, hooked on crack, dropped from his label and now this. The last thing he needed - an album to leave his credibility in tatters for when he comes out This record is straight up terrible. But the beats are terrible, the guests are poor and the whole thing stinks of other people cashing in on his notoriety. Where were Wu Tang when he needed them most? Because 'Dettwork S. A lot of people have promos and the stock was actually pressed when the Japanese label backers pulled the plug and left the Twang homeless.

These things happen. Basically, it deserves to be up there amongst the most important Black British albums to come out in the Nineties. The tunes here are the ultimate in southern soul gems from the US of A, some of which appear for the very first cellar Believe me when I say this is a real pleasure to listen to.

The blues vocals are just so refreshing. Here he dabbles in Physics and wins the Nobel Prize for an inspirational effort full of fat beats and funky rhymes. Now, after you may have paid big bucks for this vinyl giant - that is if you were lucky enough to find someone willing to part with their classic original - here it is in all its glory, on CD for the very first time. Marvellous, bloody marvellous! Superb soulfulness - completely unmissable! A definitively Intense guide to contemporary dancehall.

The swoonsome glide and love-fuelled lyrics still sound radiantly refreshing three decades on. Meanwhile fellow preacher Capleton benefits from consistency but fails to find a killer blow for his baritone boom. Amazing track, shame about the under-achieving vocal performances.

He also has a solo album out on Distinctive later this year. Top value. In other words, an essential purchase for all lovers of subtle, quality music. As well as a beautiful downtempo mix there is also a mellow house version that works really well, so expect this one to slide into the pop charts. A beautifully produced tune. Is also a grower. Kid Koala has kept the rickety groove and added some soundtrack about cadet Bobby and cadet Betty going to the moon, as well as some turntable tricks.

The result is well off centre but very satisfying. The best of the bunch here sees Latino lovers Da Lata laying down an Indian- influenced groove. Her voice perfectly compliments the sparse Metro Area-style backing, making this a great warm up or chill out moment. Flamenco guitars are worked around a subtle house beat, with handclaps and Catalan-style chanting thrown in for good measure.

Softly sung vocals weave together with gently strummed Spanish guitars and some wonderfully hushed percussion - should be a hit everywhere this summer. Electronic drums nuzzle up to strumming acoustic guitars as synth sounds and melodies wash In and out of the sonic picture. This is music for long hair, grass in the teeth and an unexpected burst of sunshine.

No singles, no vocals, no sell out, just lovely modern music. An embarrassment of riches. In today's aggressive world very Important to me. Musically I'm this music puts you down to earth. At 18 1 went to a professional music school in Paris and spent three years practicing guitar and harmony. Buy this album, or we'll come round and kill you. Irritant is the queen, other labels are its bitches.

With plenty of industrial noise for good measure, this is steely, macho and nasty as fuck. Is it ironic? Is it meant to sound like a Howard Jones B-side? Who cares? Some early Add N To X , a dash of Kraut-boogie and a soupcon of Stone Roses shuffle, with a cover probably knocked out in 10 minutes by their mate from art school. That's the spirit. Yes, Fife, in Scotland, or something.

All three make nu-folk of varying degrees of nu-ness, but put thoughts of utter shit like Beth Orful from your mind right away. Eccentric magick. Finally, King Creosote massively facially hirsute has made a seven-inch of exquisite melancholy for the incomparable Bad Jazz label. Jamie Oliver.

Get it before John Prescott kicks their sorry heads in. If you can banish the image of bearded men drinking spirits in half pint measures and indulging in athletic but melancholy threesomes In log cabins, the delicate acoustic plucking, nasal melodies and Jazzy Rhodes on this EP are beautiful, bizarre and beguiling. No, really. We suggest an immediate Stallone remake, in which retribution against the odious kestrel-killer is swift and merciless.

Get with the program. Joscha plays a contrabass, whatever that is, and makes some extremely tense noises with it. Scrapes, creaks, bowed chords and even the odd note add up to an album that sounds like King Rollo making a snuff film. But if you ask me to recommend any it must be Wasa. Even though they are Swedish, they are the best.

Breakbeat, Dub, Jazz, Funk, Garage. DJ Merchandise and accessories. Manchester website: spin-inn. Available on 12", CD and cassette, including the new vocal version featuring Stamina MC as well as the classic original. MTV Networks. Archived from the original on August 26, Retrieved August 21, Rap Radar. May 12, Archived from the original on May 14, Mtv Japan.

Archived from the original on October 22, MTV News. January 20, Archived from the original on January 29, Retrieved January 28, TV Tonight. Archived from the original on June 21, Retrieved June 21, Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on October 13, Retrieved February 24, Rolling Stone India. February 24, Archived from the original on February 24, December 31, Archived from the original on July 9, Retrieved October 26, — via Amazon.

Archived from the original on December 3, Retrieved September 3, Categories : Lists of musicians. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Use mdy dates from September Namespaces Article Talk.

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Sandy began her career at an early age in tandem with her brother Junior Lima born Durval de Lima, Jr. Sandy then took a few years off before embarking on a solo career with Manuscrito in Sign In. Listen Now Browse Radio Search. Top Songs See All. Albums See All. Durga Devi Geet Love Mande Usted Tudo Faz Sentido Ahsan Men Keter Sandy Gravital Lens feat.

Sandy [Remixes] Music Videos. Insta Instagram O Laccha Gummadiyalo Sundari feat. Ramyasri Mammu - Single Insta Instagram - Single Maaf kuharus Lepaskanmu - Single Maghi Ganesha Geet - EP Tio Oda in Portuguese. Archived from the original on 22 February Revista Contigo in Portuguese. Archived from the original on 7 April Revista Veja in Portuguese.

Archived from the original on 13 August Retrieved 29 August Gshow in Portuguese. Terra Networks. Authority control. France data United States. MusicBrainz artist. This website is a mirror of Wikipedia, and is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Sandy and Junior in Sandy Junior Lima. BRA: , [5]. PMB : Gold [6]. BRA: , [7]. BRA: , [8]. PMB: Gold [6].

BRA: , [7] [9]. BRA: , [10]. PMB: Platinum [6]. BRA: 2,, [7]. BRA: 1,, [7]. BRA: 3,, [10] [7]. PMB: Diamond [6]. BRA: , [2] [15]. You're My 1 With Enrique Iglesias.

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