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Lucas is not perfect. Their story is not perfect. Overall, I loved a lot about this story. It had some five star moments. I was okay with it, but I did NOT want to read about it. Especially not it detail. That is just my personal preference. Every book is different when it comes to this topic. I feel like since Alex and Lucas were in love with each other every time they were having sex with someone else just broke my heart and turned me off… hide spoiler ] This story definitely brought out the emotions in me.

I went from being happy, to sad, to angry, to livid, to stressed out, to sad again, then to happy again. Their story is one the will stay with me. I loved her. I knew I loved her, I always have and I always will. She owned every part of me. My heart was hers since before I knew what having her even meant. I loved the bond that Alex and Lucas shared. Even though both especially Lucas infuriated me with their choices, they DID grow up.

I can imagine how difficult it would be to find love that young and have everyone going against it. It was fun to see all the boys grow up along the way. All are interesting in one way or another. I feel like this book will be a memorable one. One of those books you can look back on remember how you felt when you read this scene, the characters and how much their actions effected your feelings. The story hooked me in pretty quickly and I read most of the book in one sitting. I know this is going to sound crazy, because of the length of the book… but I almost wish it would have been longer.

I wanted more of Alex and Lucas together. Through all the stress of the book and trust me, there was plenty of it I was happy with the end. And after reading that last page… GAH! I need the next book ASAP! View all 71 comments. Aug 12, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was ok Shelves: arcs.

It was messy. It was us. When an author asks me to ARC a book, I try very hard to take into consideration all the time and heart that they have poured into their finished product. The prologue is interesting, as Lucas is confronting Alexandra on her upcoming marriage to someone else. Thereafter, I was tortured reading way too many pages about very very young characters. End of story. They are friends within a larger group of boys that have been hanging out since diapers. Both characters have long standing relationships with other people as well.

Lucas and Alex just keep messing up their chances with one another. I must have missed the part where we experienced how wonderful they are together. Once the characters get out of high school, the story actually moved at a good pace.

The story ends on a happy sappy note, as our couple has come of age and all falls into place, leaving two hearts crushed in their wake. The chances of these two making it after the epilogue to me are slim to none. View all 83 comments. Aug 23, Carol [Goodreads Addict] rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Her four best friends and constant companions were a set of four boys, three of which were two years older than her, the third just one year. They all loved her and protected her. They were her world as she was theirs. But there was one boy in the group that Alex had a special bond with, different than the others. As they all grew older, the boys got interested in girls.

Bo felt the special bond he shared with Alex but she was eleven at the time. She was a child. And in their eyes, none of them were good enough for their Half Pint. She was their little sister, their responsibility, and that is where it ended. But the love between them was so deep. Still, they danced around what their true feelings were for each other. No one could ever explain or understand what it was. How it happened. No one else could do this.

It was only Lucas. Always Lucas. Not one other soul had this pull. On me. On him. On us. So many mistakes were made. If they only were honest with each other about the depth of their feelings, would it have made a difference? I want to warn you that this book will rip your heart out, not just once, but over and over again. Alex and Lucas had pretty much loved each other from birth. But they were kids and kids make mistakes.

Just typing out this review is making my eyes burn all over again. When all is said and done, though, these are the characters I am going to think about when I first wake up in the morning for a very long time. This is a beautiful and heart breaking story of love, loss, growing up and figuring out who you are and where you belong.

View all 60 comments. Aug 11, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , hot-alpha-male , beta-read , kick-ass-awesome-heroine , favorites , angst , favorite-series , h-o-t. Robinson This book was simply stunning!!! The story is full of angst and so much beauty. Small town setting, friends to lovers romance and not an easy journey but a love so strong, that you'll feel it in every part of your body. Alexandra aka Half Pint, grew up amongst boys. She's an only child but was never in need of sibling love, because these boys have always loved and protected her fiercely.

Out of the four boys there is Lucas, he's always had a special relationship with Alex; his brown eyed girl. The story develops as they all grow up together; from climbing up on trees to, first school dances, puberty, etc Alex always wanted to be one of the boys. She had the attitude to fight anybody who wanted to treat her like a girl but when she starts to recognize the nature of her feelings for Lucas, she wants nothing more than for him to stop hanging around other girls and notice her.

Lucas is a total alpha male and gorgeous. He adores Alex. When he was young he struggled with his feelings for her, but he always thought of her as his. As they all grow up, everyone can see they have a really strong connection that goes beyond friendship. When they become of an appropriate age, the boys still think of Alex as a little sister and they don't want Lucas and his Casanova tendencies hurting Alex.

Their parents want them to experience life before trying to change their friendship for a romance. As they say the heart wants what it wants and it's hard for both Lucas and Alex to keep those feeling hidden. As time goes by, everything around them only becomes complicated. The beauty of this story is how unpredictable it is.

The level of angst will keep you at the edge of your seat and most likely you will devour this book in only one day. I loved the complexity of the characters and the intensity in the story. Also the realness of it all gripped my heart. Another wonderful aspect are the friendships, and the family dynamics between all the characters. This book will make you feel like you are in a beautiful summer romance; beach, friends and first kisses.

I always love it when an author ventures outside of their genre, and succeeds. Robinson is known for Erotica and that she can write it well but I believe this is her best work yet. View all 87 comments. Sep 13, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: stand-alone , arc , 5 , sweeter-side , sixty-first-reads , love-story , friends-to-lovers , cry-me-a-river. I tend to shy away from books where there is a love triangle, and in this while there was a love triangle it was a seriously unbalanced triangle never leaving any doubt just how strong the bond is between Alex and Lucas; that they were truly meant to be.

But as every great love, nothing comes easy In order to understand, you have to start from the beginning, how it all started and the challenges and complications that were always in their way. Half-Pint always wanted to be one of the boys, her boys, Dylan, Jacob, Austin and most importantly Lucas. Lucas she knew was different, they always have shared a bond so strong, nothing else mattered.

Being the youngest and littlest of the bunch, she always had to fight to prove she was one of the guys, treating her like a little sister; protecting her and later on keeping the boys at bay. Being older he felt more possessive of her than the rest of the guys, she was his responsibility and he took great pride in taking care of her.

He would do anything to keep his girl happy no matter how much shit he got from the guys, nothing mattered but her. He was always the eye of the storm. When we were kids I loved it, I wanted to be pulled into his winds and let him take me wherever he wanted to go. I'd follow him anywhere. But as we got older I realized it was too late for me to seek refuge. He was already my destruction and there was no way to get past the heavy gusts of our complicated love.

The problem with knowing each other from birth is that we all grow up, all the changes we go through, what we like and what we need. Growing up is confusing as it is, imagine growing up and having feelings you can not understand or make sense of. There is a fear of keeping those you care for close and not wanting anything to change. The boy who promised he would never hurt her. The boy who swore he would always protect her.

The boy who vowed he would never let anything happen to her. That same boy was me. I was the reason she was bawling. I was the reason she was hurt. I was the reason she was broken. Their first kiss was the beginning to their end, the beginning of their complicated love When… when… when… Our relationship was filled with what ifs, and maybe some days… It was complicated. Complicated Me put me through the ringer, I had to bust out my big girl panties for this one, it was so tragically beautiful to read.

Like watching a giant train wreck and not being able to do anything about it; it made me mad, upset, frustrated and just downright sad for Alex and Lucas. All they ever wanted was to be together, growing up and old together, but it was always them against the world. Love is not easy or kind, and sometimes you have to lose your way before finding where you belong.

There was nothing I wanted more for Alex and Lucas to find their way back to one another. There were times I wanted to scream and yell but in the end I had to remind myself they were young, if adults have a hard time acting like adults why should I expect the teens to know any better.

This is the first contemporary novel by M. Robinson, and I have to give it to her she never skimps on telling the story. I started this read around 1 1p. This was told in dual point of view inviting me to grow with them, it is a stand alone read and has an epilogue to make your heart smile, not to mention get you ready for the next couple whose story is dying to be told. I am happy to say this book was worth rocking the zombie look for, after having finished it at 4a. I'd definitely recommend this to my friends especially for those who can appreciate a coming of age tale and who believes in soul-mates.

ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review. View all 66 comments. Sep 03, Geri Reads rated it it was ok. I've thought about my rating and review long and hard but the bottom line is, Complicate Me isn't for me.

I love angst. Love it, but for me, I also need character and plot development, and I found it lacking in this book. I couldn't connect with the writing at all. The prose, the constant use of semicolons and ellipses were distracting. I also couldn't connect with either Alex or Lucas.

Their relationship felt juvenile to me. Their reasons for not being together is more annoying than heartbreakin I've thought about my rating and review long and hard but the bottom line is, Complicate Me isn't for me. Their reasons for not being together is more annoying than heartbreaking. I found myself not caring anymore whether they get together or not. And Lucas Surprisingly, the two characters I ended up liking were Stacey and Lily. Stacey was supposed to be the villain but she was one of the only people who called Lucas out on his shit.

Same goes for Lily. She's young but she has more brains that her parents, Lucas and their friends combined. I have other issues but that's basically the gist of it. It was Stacey. It's fixed now. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. View all 37 comments. Sep 03, Brandi rated it it was ok Shelves: angst , arc-netgalley-author.

I enjoy emotional turmoil, the suffering, the heartache — it makes the resolution so much sweeter. That said, it only works if I connect with the characters — I need development, depth, I need to know them, to care about them and their story. Unfortunately, that is where Complicate Me missed the mark for me. We would always be linked. We were destined to be soul mates.

Star-crossed lovers. Growing up as an only child in a small coastal town, Alexandra develops a special 2. Growing up as an only child in a small coastal town, Alexandra develops a special bond with 4 local boys. They are a tight knit group, caring deeply for each other, but for Alex and Lucas that bond is a bit stronger.

As time progresses, Lucas and Alex struggle with their growing feelings for one another, an innocent bond turning into something neither of them really understands. This leads to years of push and pull, while caring deeply for one another, Lucas and Alex attempt to maintain their friendship. This is a coming of age story, full of firsts - crushes, kisses, dates, sex, heartbreak, love — all combining to tell an angsty love story.

Our first kiss was our beginning and in some ways our end. This is where our complicated love began. Complicate Me also seemed to set up upcoming story lines in the series, which I found distracting, a lot was going on. I almost wish the author had written a novella introducing Alex and the boys, and started this novel with Alex being a bit older she was for a large portion of the story.

Then maybe more time could be spent developing Alex and Lucas. I wanted to love this story, but overall it just didn't work for me. This book wrecked me, but i think that it will stay with me for a long time!!! It was so difficult to witness this love It started at very young age and all those obstacles that were standing on their way were making my heart bleeding!!!

Alex and Lucas hurt each other very much and my heart was breaking for them They left other things to complicate their love and at the end they just making one mistake after the other Those two were meant to be forever together and i was dying inside that life was so unfair to them!!! But let me explain some things about their complicated love You think you will have all the time in the world to be and do whatever your heart desires. It will eventually get there; it's bound to happen.

One day. Alex was their Half-pint, the glue that was stucking them together and the four boys were her "Good Ol' Boys" But Lucas was something more than just a friend for her and Alex was something more for Lucas as well From a very young age those two had a unique connection They were loving each other fiercely That one moment that could forever change you and everything you wanted to be true, everything you wanted to believe.

And then, it took us back many, many years before at the age of 10 for Alex and 12 for Lucas We witness all the important moments of their life, all the love that they were feeling for each other, all the restraint because of others We saw them make one mistake after the other and how their choices affected their entire future Plain and simple. Our emotions were running wild, trying to accept the bond our hearts will forever have.

We laid our love out for each other years ago. I fought a battle I knew I could never win. The emotional turmoil ate away at me the closer we got to saying goodbye. So will they manage to find their way back to each other??? Will they have their happily ever after???

Bo and his Half-pint!!! I was living for the moments that they were together, but damn me, they hurt each other so much and mostly Lucas But it wasn't his fault and that's why i was mad Jacob and Dylan warned him all the goddamn time to stay away from her and their parents were saying to both of them that they had to experience life before they will bound theirs together, and that warnings-advices kept them away for very long time and the constant pressure from the guys to Lucas had awful results!!!

She was sincere, wild, innocent, kind and very, very sweet She loved Lucas since she was remembering herself Yep, she was a tom boy most of the time, but deep inside she was just a girl!!! I know that she was very young and at that young age is impossible to know what love is, but while i was reading the book, it gave me the impression that the past was narrative So, i personally could accept it!!!

As a girl, Alex was even harder to move on from Lucas She was there for him all the time, with the hope that something will change between them, but at some point, it became really hard to loving him It was hurting her so much!!! But she kept doing it, no matter what!!! And i love her for that reason It hurt me and slayed me. Like a giant blade was driven directly in my heart. He was untamed, hotheaded and such a wonderful friend To Alex was always thoughtful, tender, possessive He loved her fiercely and completely and that fact never changed even everything that happened between them Alex was the only person that could tame his wild soul And he was hurting so much when he was away from her, but everyone around him was pressuring him and he hurt her in an effort to let her free And that was his biggest regret!!!

That's what makes you my Half-Pint. You're the calm to my storm; it's always been that way. You're my refuge. Especially with Jacob and Dylan Why they had to interfere in Alex's and Lucas relationsip??? Why, guys??? I liked very much Austin and i'm dying for his turn to tell his story He was such a troubled guy!!!

I also loved Aubrey, even though that i have so many questions about her and Dylan I adored little Lilly She was a lovely girl!!! She was such a spitfire!!! I hated Cole from the first moment I didn't like the way that he was provoking Lucas and i hated that Alex wasted so much time with him!!!

Yeah, i know that he was charming, but still I also was very angry with their both parents because they knew how much they loved each other, but in a way, they stood between them with bullshits!!! But damn me, if i wasn't sad at the end with Lucas's mom I couldn't see straight from the tears!!!

Love is easy. That's one of the things about me Everything that is hurting me, it will stay with me forever, and this story will be not an exception I'm already on the fourth book and i know that this one will be always one of my favorites Bo and his Half-pint will be always close to my heart!!! Our relationship was filled with what ifs, and maybe some days It was complicated. I couldn't take her in small doses and I couldn't take her in large ones. Nothing was never enough. View all 67 comments.

Sep 05, Kelli C rated it it was amazing Shelves: second-chance-love , young-adult , amazing , arc , favorites , male-pov , must-reads , angst , fab-writing , heartbreaking. Heartbreakingly Complex. Poignant and Passionate. Complicate Me is a coming of age romance that weaves a lifetime of firsts into a future of forever.

First friends, first loves, innocent kisses, first heartbreaks all set the foundation for two destined souls to take a long angst filled journey through adolescence into adulthood. Alexandra, aka Half-pint, is one of the guys. Surrounded by 3 of the best guy 5 Brown Eyed Girl Stars! Surrounded by 3 of the best guy friends, she grows up loved and protected. Two years her senior, he connects to her more than any other. Alex and Lucas has a special bond that grows with each passing year.

As each character grows up, the transition from girl to woman and boy to man is difficult for all. Jealousy, anger, insecurity, and new emotions of desire begin to filter into their lives. No one more affected than Alex and Lucas… No one said surviving your first love would be easy. With the age difference and the core group of family and friends against anything Alex and Lucas related, each try to grow into their own only knowing in their hearts what they truly want.

Stolen moments, forehead kisses, words of claiming all present but not enough to overcome the trials and tribulations of growing up This story, while long and frustrating, was amazing. I loved the realism that the author brought to the read. Following a cast from childhood into adulthood is often difficult, but all those emotions associated with growing up compounded with falling in love and having your heart broken was so point on. It was a long and difficult journey for Alex and Lucas filled with moments of tender passion, pure adoration, and total devastation.

Friends to Lovers? Never an easy thing. Does a lifetime of friendship determine a future forever? How many times can the heart shatter before it is permanently broke? Perhaps it is Forgiveness at the heart of it all. This author did a stunning job of bringing two lives full circle.

Thru ups and downs, love and loss, pleasure and pain, Complicate Me will leave you emotionally drained while giving your heart palpitations. I recommend this read to those lovers of angst, to those who have ever fell for the boy next door, for those who believe that first loves are forever loves! Dec 15, Roksana rated it did not like it Shelves: cheating-abuse , not-for-me , don-t-believe-in-hea , hell-no , hero-cheats , not-safe , hero-impregnate-ow , hero-is-a-worthless-scumbag , ow-involved , sex-scenes-with-ow-i-hate.

View all 24 comments. I'm a self professed angst whore. I love it. I gobble it up and beg for more. I just love how it hurts SO good. Unfortunately for me, this book had angst, but it wasn't at all my cuppa. It had all the ingredients and perhaps if it was laid out different, it would have worked for me. So what didn't? I can handle YA just fine, but what I don't want to read about is a 14 year old losing his virginity in detail and not to the heroine , a first kiss when the heroine is 10 then 12, and the hero being for lack of a better word an utter douchebag simply because he's young and doesn't know any better.

I appreciated the idea behind it; truly engrossing the reader in the characters' journey through the years, but I'd have enjoyed it much more had these things been briefly mentioned through memory and not given to me detail by detail. It should have made me connect to the characters more, but it caused quite the opposite effect.

I had no connection to the hero or the heroine. I saw no rhyme nor reason for most of the hero's actions aside from him being young and stupid. I'd rather it be hinted at that he's a manwhore than getting the blow by blow through the years, especially knowing he has zero feelings for the girl he's "getting it from" all the while pining for the heroine that he keeps systematically hurting with his actions.

Perhaps if his actions made sense. Something other than peer pressure or him just being young. I don't even know. We all did stupid things at that age, but like I said, it doesn't mean I want to read about it. Perhaps most readers will write this off as "coming of age", but for me, there just wasn't a strong enough reason for anything the MCs did to justify it in my eyes.

The character development simply wasn't strong enough for me to ever really connect. But again, this is solely a preference and other readers may have the complete opposite. I think had this story started when the MCs were older, 17 or 18 even and then had some flashbacks to explain their relationship through the years.. Maybe it's my mom brain kicking in, maybe it was something else. Whatever the case may be, it didn't work for me.

There was also plot inconsistencies and some dialogue that was just plain weird. At one point one of the characters channeled his inner Larry the Cable Guy which had me scratching my head because these are supposed to be privileged rich kids. Who talks like that? Then again, this may just be my nitpicking since I was so withdrawn from the story.

I'm very much in the minority with my opinion and many others absolutely loved this book, so it really is a matter of subjective opinion. We all read differently and take things in differently. This is solely my opinion and it by no means suggests that you won't enjoy it. So read it and see for yourself. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit View all 32 comments. Dec 01, V. I won't read because too much of OW activity while the heroine is growing up.

Of course, he's a man and he can't wait, he has to f ck everything that moves, because authors aren't original and they want that all heroes are manwhores. Not only that view spoiler [ child with OW. That is a turn off for me because when he has a child with OW there will always be a bond with OW as much as he loves heroine and anyway, stupid heroes who don't use contraception are boys trying to pretend they're man.

I I won't read because too much of OW activity while the heroine is growing up. I'm into men, not boys. Not everyone hates this kind of story line. I just think it's overused. More info in Leiera review Lately I've been adding more reviews of books I won't read than from actual reads. I've been too busy. View all 23 comments. Dec 13, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it Shelves: annoying-main-mc-s , authors-to-avoid , jerk-hero , hero-slept-with-ow-after-meeting-he , heroine-slept-with-om-during-separa , scenes-with-om , regret-reading , weak-annoying-heroine , betraying-body-alert , awfyl.

This guy was a cheat because he knew that he loved heroine but still kept on having sex with Stacy, the worst thing for me is having a baby with ow and this happened after a descriptive sex scene with Stacy with no condom that scene was disgusting and an insult to the heroine whom be "loved". I hate children with other people especially when the main leads already have feelings for each other I don't know but I can't get over it and I wish author's would stop doing that trope to create more angst This guy was a cheat because he knew that he loved heroine but still kept on having sex with Stacy, the worst thing for me is having a baby with ow and this happened after a descriptive sex scene with Stacy with no condom that scene was disgusting and an insult to the heroine whom be "loved".

I hate children with other people especially when the main leads already have feelings for each other I don't know but I can't get over it and I wish author's would stop doing that trope to create more angst it just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth! View all 7 comments. Sep 08, Beverly rated it really liked it. The story mostly focuses on Lucas and Alex, a boy and girl who have been friends their entire lives.

However, the supporting cast is just as fantastic, I loved these boys and I am so intrigued and dying to read their stories. The story begins with us meeting Alex and Lucas as adolescents and throughout the book we watch them grow up. From the beginning you can see that these characters are meant to be, but they are lack the maturity and their time is always off. They say you have that one moment in life where things could have been different, that one moment that changes the course of your life or the direction you could have taken.

Watching them grow up is seriously one of my favorite things of the story. It felt real to me. I loved seeing their trials, heart break and watching them grow as individuals. I think a lot of times we want the HEA and we want our heroes and heroines to be perfect, but my life and relationships have never been perfect, so I can relate more to these types of stories.

While they love her just the same their dynamic changes. While all the guys love Alex, to Lucas she has always been his girl. Alex feels the same way about Lucas, but as they get older and start seeing each other in a different light everyone is against the idea of them together. Their parents want them to experience life and the guys think Alex deserves better than Lucas.

These outside influences lead to a lot of heartbreak for them both, but it also allows them to see life without each other. I completely fell in love with all the characters including the supporting characters. Although this is a longer story, the scenes felt necessary. I feel like the childhood, the build up all of that made me fall in love with their story.

This is my first book by M. Robinson and I can't wait to read more, I definitely recommend it. As soon as I finished I wanted more! Long story short, I can easily see this series becoming a favorite and a must read for me. Sometimes it takes leaving to know where you come from. To know where you belong. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. It is a story documenting the life and times of a group of friends stumbling through the awkward "coming of age" stage of life.

It is the story of two of those friends who fell in love and didn't know what to do about it. When the pressure of doing what you are told is right or making the choice to be with the one you love is asked, what would you do? Alex was the only girl in the group and "the baby" of the bunch.

They spent summers swimming, surfing, riding bikes, playing tag, and just growing up. Not only is the crew close but their parents are close as well. As the group begins to age, Lucas realizes that he feels a little more than brotherly love for Alex. Although he is supposed to only love her as a sister, he realizes that in fact, he loves her for so much more.

Alex and Lucas are so young. The boys in the group are older and as they begin to mature the pressures of growing up begins to weigh the group down. Although Lucas knows he has feelings for Alex, he recognizes that she is too young for him to act on it.

Additionally, he feels pressure from his friends to love her like a sister and protect her. As all boys do at that age , he meets other girls and experiences the triumphs and fails of all of the "firsts". He maintains his friendship with Alex but begins to explore. While everyone is growing up, Alex is left as a spectator on the sidelines. There is no doubt that they both have feelings for each other and yet the constant pressure from their friends and parents keep them from being together.

The story really begins to take off when Alex grows up. All of a sudden Lucas feels a pressure in his heart that he hasn't felt before. Can he honestly sit by and watch "his brown eyed girl" be with someone else? I didn't want to share her. Not with Cole. Not with anyone. How do you explain something you don't even understand? The way that they feel for each other can't compete with the realities of life and in their life time is a bitch!

Sometimes time is not on your side. Sometimes by doing what we think is right, we make mistakes and we loose the people that we love. When the damage is done, can we really go back and make everything ok? Could it be too late to be with the one we love? Days later I am still pondering the journey these two characters experienced.

Every time Lucas walked away to be with another girl, I cried with Alex. Every time I thought Lucas was going to declare his love for her but didn't, I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall. This writing is raw and offers an accurate depiction of life. Told in dual POV we experience "both sides of the story! The sexual tension in this read is intense and the tender moments between Alex and Lucas left me breathless.

I would definitely recommend this read to anyone that is drawn to emotional reads with a heavy dosage of angst. I am not going to lie Once I started it, I couldn't stop until I reached the end. The anxiety I felt for both characters was magnified with every new challenge they were forced to face. However difficult the journey, the final result was well worth it! My only complaint is that we didn't get more time with Alex and Lucas at the end.

I can only hope this means we will see more of them in the rest of the series! This is my first M. Robinson read but it will not be my last. Only now I know I need to get my tissues and favorite bottle of wine ready! My kindle will be ready and waiting for more. View all 29 comments. Robinson" in exchange for an honest review.. Thank you!!

Robinson's books and have cray cray LOVED them so am really intrigued to see what journey she takes me on with this book.. I can not tell you how much I loved this book, god the feels, loved the story line, the characters just came to life, I lived, breathed this book, for me it was truly epic.. I love books like this.. ALot of backwards forwards shit goes on between Alex and Lucas but that's the diversity of their ages, this starts off in their younger teen years, alot of miscommunication, alot of missed opportunities, alot of tears and anguish but that's what made me love this book as much as I did, it conveyed the age set of these teens perfectly, the emotional turmoil as teenagers..

It was repetitive but keep in mind it's coming from a teenagers perspective, the survival of a first love, the survival of all the hurts, the survival of just over coming a teenager.. Dylan - Is the closest to Jacob than any of the other boys Austin - He is the shortest in the group, girls fawned over him because of his red hair and green eyes Lucas - Or Bo as Alex calls him, was born to lead and not to follow and a temper that no one can match And then we have ALex aka Half Pint The little firecracker tomboy who loves her boys fiercely.

But has an undeniable connection with her boy Bo aka Lucas Our relationship was filled with what ifs, and maybe somedays… It was complicated. The story starts off in their young teens Alex eleven, Lucas thirteen and progresses as they move through the ages, I freaking love books like this, child hood friends, from friends to lovers..

He turned fourteen, and I swear he grew overnight, he started to look like a man… maybe not a man, but definitely not like the boy he used to be. Loving the dynamics of the boys and their need to protect Alex like a sister, but by doing that they are stunting her life experiences as they aren't allowing her to grow into her own person.. All the boys on the island were too scared to come near me because they knew I came with baggage.

Four of them. On Lucas' fourteenth birthday he got egged on by The good Ol boys to lose his virginity, which he did to the school skank, not knowing that Alex knew exactly what was going down that night.. I shattered her illusion that I was hers. That night changed things between these two.. A raw emotional story of coming of age, as they progress through the stages of life, a journey of discovery..

So as I've been reading this for some reason I've been Humming the lyrics If I were a boy by Bounce and it seems fitting Lucas just seems to take everything where Alex is concerned for granted, he wants his cake and wants to eat it too.. As your reading this your heart will get pulled in both directions. Add Cole a summer time boy into the mix and the foundations between Lucas and Alex are forever shaken.. View 2 comments. Sep 02, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: beta-read , coming-of-age , , new-adult , contemporary-romance , best-friends.

Robinson is a raw, poignant, touching read that weaves the elements of first love, friendship, second chances, life, and love. In this engrossing tale, M. Robinson enchants her readers on all facets of love from first love, heartbreak, anger, lust, jealousy, and healing. She shows her readers that LOVE is a simple word but hard to define. Can an innocent love blossomed to a forever kind of love? A blurred love? A complicated love? So in this complicated tale of young love, can two soul mates finally realize that true love isn't meant to be easy?

That love doesn't appear on command and it'll put you through hurdles but in the end, none of that will matter because it's about how you overcome these hurdles that will define your love. So can a complicated love be uncomplicated? If you have read M. Robinson's previous books then you are aware that Complicate Me is very different from her other books.

In her newest release, this book reads more of a Coming of Age and New Adult genre than her typical erotic romance novels. I was pleasantly surprised with this book because M. Robinson was able to showcase more of a deeper and richer meaning of love and friendship. First love has always been one of those trope that I instantly gravitate to since these stories are usually deep with emotions, meaning, depth and love. He got his first gig at a club called Shanghai Reds in Weehawken, just across the Hudson river from Manhattan, where he played reggae and hip hop, His first production work was with reggae artist The General in 1 Then he discovered the banging joys of house music.

The album 'Move It' sold more than half a million units in the UK alone. Erick Morillo was fast becoming a superstar. Everywhere except in America, that is. It was a different world for me. Hee hee! Erick first went there in 1 , with the then dominant northern club outfit Up Yer Ronscn. It took him a while to catch up with the vibe, however. She has such a unique voice. Apart from that, all we did was go to the private beach and have sex.

She worked so hard to raise me. I resented her because she couldn't afford to buy me trainers but I realise now all the shit she went through. I cry all the time. I cry if I see a good commercial. Life's A-okay for me. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself. I'll be a dirty old man I An I'll have a 23 year old nurse to bathe me!

July 28th Ministry Of Sound at Pacha. Darren Emerson and Yousef. With Darren Emerson. August 13th Space Birthday Party. August 24th Big Beat Boutique at Amnesia. August 30th Renaissance at Privilege. September 16th Ministry Of Sound closing party at Pacha.

I was upset. They were right, of course. It was the bomb. Planes flying over, people screaming. The only depressing thing was I had to go straight to the airport after DJing. His Subliminal label puts out records tailor-made for the place: visceral, driving tunes which are never afraid to turn up the funkiness, which are always exuberant but never cheesy.

People say I DJ like I'm having sex with the crowd. You know, teasing them all night long before finally I come really hard. Later this year, the camp will spawn two new labels, one for house running parallel to Subliminal and one for tech-house.

Having secured industry props, he's now set on introducing his label to the world at large. And that includes the notoriously house-phobic kids of America. Everybody slags off Paul Oakenfold, but not me. How old is he? I don't know, but he's rocking the kids and they all look up to him. I say God bless Paul Oakenfold! Because he'll make it possible for Subliminal to become the Number One house label in America. I wanna be a billionaire! I was shy.

It was difficult for me. Dating was out of the question. So I became the funny guy, the comedian trying to get the girls to laugh. I used to be manipulative and very vindictive. I always thought that when I got the gold record and the phat car and the dope girl and the best apartment I would be totally happy. Instead, I felt so empty, like there was a void inside me. Cheesy as this may sound, it did the job.

Never let them see you coming, that's my motto. Time to get back on that phone. Perhaps the last shout of a decadent culture growing jaded with pleasures invented for itself in more innocent times. The crowd are glamorous or not , black and white, old and young, mostly on drugs, mostly ecstasy, mostly handling the sensation with unostentatious panache. Cut to 1 AD. Balearic, schmalearic, load of cobblers. And thus back to At my table however are two fully clothed figures looking slightly scrawnier and more British than the assembled.

He still produces under that name, though the results are often more ambient than dancefloor. Balearic is now taking influences from all over the place, mashing them together in some way that makes sense. In the UK, nearly everyone out at clubs is 1 Except the DJs of course.

Balearic and tough house can also be connected. Lenny From Ibiza lives, as it turns out, in an idyllic hillside dwelling with a vineyard on one side and Carob nut trees on the other. Balearic is. In the early days you could have Farley and Grooverider in one night - nothing was formulaic. DJs like Alfredo pioneered this by beat-mixing records that had nothing to do with each other in terms of style, like going from a pop remix of the Cure into Front into an American soul diva.

The great thing about it was the diversity, track by track, no dancer knew where it was gonna go next. More importantly, no one knew half the tracks, no one had any expectations. No expectations, just like the blooming days of modem club culture when folk went out to be thrilled by whatever the DJ chose to spin.

They trusted him. Balearic is peaceful freedom to operate through a wide-ranging record collection, and at Kumharas bar as the sun sets cliche perhaps. The small gathering wobbles gently as the orange orb slides over the horizon. The Muzik crew enjoyed. Balearic to the max. For me, not being controversial, Ibiza is to clubland what football yobs are to soccer.

I was living in Brighton in Balearic is not for me. There are still places you can go and experience that Balearic spirit: on the beach, smoking a spliff and watching the sun set, for example. That spirit isn't there any more. Lots of louche leather sofas, continental beers, nice people. And what they're talking about is this: The Footie. This is the thing. Like they know them. And like they're a badge, a statement, a product. Which, of course, is exactly what these godlike icons have become.

Just like Kevorkian or Morales or any other dance music exponent at the height of his game, our footballing heroes are now just a part of the uniform. What we once knew as fashion now embraces music, leisure, sport, clobber - lifestyle. Most of them seem to believe that they're, in some way, following a New York b-boy look. And everybody, more or less, likes the same music. And they all love The Footie. How is it that football, derided and neglected by the glamorous worlds of music and fashion for decades, has come to be the defining style factor of our nation?

We need to go back, way back, to a few little scenes dotted around the country round about the summer of 1 All of this nonsense can be directly traced to a couple of clubs: Crackers in Soho and Checkmate in Liverpool. Almost identical scenes, yet marked by their differences, too. Not in , at least. There was a whole gang of disaffected inner-city urchins who wouldn't have been seen dead in ripped clothing, and who had nothing in common with the student-led punk thing, Tom T-shirts?

People would think you were poorl But even that is getting slightly ahead of ourselves. The Wedge was an androgynous statement of intent, which makes it all the more amazing that this haircut found favour with the more style- conscious football crews of the time. That dressed-up element of the Millwall crew and their counterparts at Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham were the same kids that went down to Crackers and its equivalents in the boroughs.

It was the other way round at Checkmate in Liverpool. That was primarily a Bowie club starting to embrace other sorts of eclectic music. The first time I heard dub reggae was in there. The Checkers crew used to come in and kick off on us. They were basically just lads out on the town, smoothies, you know. They thought we were weirdos because of the haircuts. Huge fights on the dancefloor, all in the name of a floppy fringe.

I could've got a train from right by my front door, but instead I had to make this huge two mile detour in case I got beaten up. This is where the two scenes, London and Liverpool, started to go their own way. The London 'casual' look, indeed, was far from casual. Norman Jay was another Crackers devotee. He was also becoming a well-known face at Tottenham. It was all pukka stuff. But I hated pubs. But there were certain common denominators among the London cognoscenti. There was a sort of taxi driver chic - Gabicci, Pierre Sangan, Lacoste and so on - that told them apart.

And the wedge haircut, of course. Wedges only caught on in Liverpool in a huge way from onwards, but there was a continental, sporty addition to the London Soul Boy look. This can be attributed to the extent to which Liverpool fans, in particular, were starting to travel abroad. As a result, utilitarian combinations of sportswear and scally- mod clothing took over Liverpool like an inflagration, boys and girls alike.

One minute the Checkers Saturday-nite crew were waiting outside to chase the wedge-heads, the next thing everybody was dancing to Kraftwerk and wearing Samba. Girls wore Kickers, white socks, kilts and mohair jumpers. Boys wore Pod or any one from an ever-changing run of training shoes.

Fred Perrys were big. So were Peter Storm or Adidas ski-jackets and everyone wore Lois jeans or dungarees. This was clubwear with a double meaning - football and nightlife - and again the scene had strong, though totally unsuspected gay origins, musically. And because hardly any motion was required, everybody was dancing. This was previously unheard of among the football crowd. They'd get up for the last couple of records, stagger around and try to cop off. But this was different. It was a rum old carry on, the main Liverpool and Everton boys letting their guard as well as their hair down, dancing to nascent eledronica.

Kevin Saunderson would be the first to hold his hand up. By the early Eighties, every football team in the country had its mob of well-dressed hooligans, identifiable by their sportswear, opportunist crime and independent travel.

The great divide was still music. There was no unifying dancefloor movement to bond this wholly unregulated youth uprising together. This was youth culture at its best; genuinely from the street and untrammelled by the fashion industry. But it was disparate. Occasional tunes like Dillinger's 'Cocaine' would hit the same nerve everywhere, but otherwise it was a case of same tune, different beat.

It was that freedom. That sense that you were in on something that only the right people knew about. Merseyside football fans followed The Jam as fervently as they supported their teams. More than any other factor, New Order are the link between the burgeoning football fashion scene of the early Eighties and the near-unilateral club and clubwear conformity of today.

New Order were managed by the late, great Rob Gretton. He and Peter Hook used to go to Manchester City together and were well aware of the changing face of style on the terraces. You have to do more than change your name to Albrecht to escape your past. And it was obvious that New Order knew the score when they started wiring New York influences into their work from 1 onwards. The music's fucking brilliant though! We just soaked it all up.

Against the socially fractured backdrop of Thatcherite Britain, there was fighting at the match like never before. The replay at Maine Road was just as bad. Millwall fans rioted at Luton, famously routing the mounted constabulary. Thirty-nine Juventus supporters died amid terrible violence at Heysel.

We were directionless, clueless, tearing each other apart. Something had to give. Then came House. The track featured a strident and unrelenting electro synth line, and the unforgettable Darryl Pandy, a monstrously well-fleshed Chicago queen providing vocals in the most unlikely, high-pitched but mellifluous falsetto.

It was inspirational stuff. And it seemed to go away almost as quickly as it came. And then nothing. London seemed to give up on the House Sound of Chicago almost immediately, diversifying into all manner of club scenes. But at the same time, Rare Groove was starting to happen, with Patrick Lilley's club nights taking a whole gang of clubbers back to their soul roots. Warehouse parties were springing up all over the capital.

The scene was all over the place, but the seeds of Balearic were being sown. Yet in the North, house music - or manifestations of it - never went away. Nude at Hagienda was the purest night, attracting bug- eyed football heads including one Mark Berry and his sidekick Shaun Ryder. The Manchester tribe started to make the sounds as well as play them. All made in Manchester.

It was the first time I'd heard samples and technology used like that. It was unbelievable. Big pop songs with rock guitars and dance rhythms. And the crowd - it was all the lads from the match, right into it from start to finish. You wouldn't have thought it was possible. With ecstasy becoming more and more commonplace from onwards, it seems likely that these disparate scenes would have gone their own happy way.

But musical and cultural differences were about to be kicked into touch. The role of the ordinary holidaymaker in the much-written history of acid house is much maligned. Long before Nicky Holloway exported distilled elixir of Ibiza in 1 and bent the nation to his will, excitable Brits were targetting Ibiza for nightclub mayhem. Ibiza has always had a reputation. Phil Thornton first went in , on a package holiday with the express intention of finding the dark heart of Ibiza. They said it was nothing like here - it was different, it was mad.

And it was. I saw my first live scratch-mix. New Order weren't the only seals in town. Little crews from Manchester, Liverpool and London were doing their own thing. Kiting, mainly - spending the season on Ibiza on the proceeds of ill-gotten credit cards. These boys, fundamentally white, unemployed, inner-city football heads, partied harder than anybody. They knew where the drugs were. They knew the lads from Blackpool in the Rock bar.

They could win at backgammon and dance all night. Andy Swallow, whose Public Demand records are currently having a nice time with Craig David, was one of the West Ham boys at Amnesia, shoulder to shoulder with Barcelona trannies in leather chaps. After spending the summer with a group of urchins on the make, they realised that everybody want s to party. You just have to get the party right. What happened next was the revolution.

Clink Street. The Trip. The Raid. All London. Madchester happened but not, according to Phil Thornton, as madly as The Sun would have had us believe. It lasted as long as the Olympics. At the time there was massive amounts of trouble between Forest and Leicester and Derby. But I just remember them on the dancefloor together, in love with each other.

They all knew who the main faces were, and they were hugging each other. But there's no doubt that the atmosphere around football was changing in tandem with the new club culture, not least in terms of fashion. Ian St Clair and Trevor Fung can be thanked for many things, but their dress sense is not one of them. Acid Teds, particularly those from the outer Home Counties are responsible for some of clubbing's most hysterical fashion moments including bandanas, lilac tie-dyed T-shirts, eye patches, ponchos; Peruvian skull caps and silk drawstring pantaloons in various shades of tangerine and purple.

Ashley Beeale, a Clink Street die-hard by 1 's winter of growing content, remembers the early manifestations of the Shoom look: Clink Street was over the road from Shoom. Whereas Shoom had an open-ended Balearic music policy, Clink Street was heavy, druggy house and a much more inner city crowd.

Shoom used to close at 2am, Clink Street at 4am. We were like: 'What the fuck? In London, in the winter of it was just plain silly. Thank Heaven for the growing influence of the football kids on the dance floors. Paul Smith, that paragon of all things bespoke, was championing baggy, screen-print T-shirts and his own vicious mustard-coloured jogging pants. No one from the estates would've been seen dead in them, but the point was that the club kids were calling the shots.

The country was starting to sit up and take note. If was the lightning, then was the storm. Football fashion and dance music merged into one immutable force. Club football shirts, for the first time in living memory, were worn as a fashion statement outside of Newcastle. And after Paul Gascoigne so magnificently failed his country, realised it and burst into tears, there were just as many girls in football shirts, crying along with him then heading off down their nearest Balearic night.

If football fed ecstasy and dance culture, it was reciprocated, too. Police initiatives to infiltrate football gangs and prosecute the main perpetrators, along with ecstasy's new enlightenment, contributed to a new, less heavy environment at football grounds. In swift succession, the Sky Television money, the parliamentary obligation for all-seat stadia and Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch further entrenched the feelgood factor surrounding football.

By the time the next World Cup came around in , the only major differences from were changes of degree, rather than changes of scene. Cocaine had overtaken ecstasy; expensive designer casuals were as prevalent as street sportswear; and large capacity superclubs like Ministry and Cream were beginning to flex their muscles - with footballers there in droves, on the guest list.

In many ways, football has lost its edge as it has become more commercial, more of a tourist trap. You have to wonder what emotional umbilical chord binds the coachloads of daytrippers that flock to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Anfield to the clubs they attend. You have to wonder where the driving passion is.

Sound familiar? Look at those full-page adverts for Home. That hotline for coach party bookings has become the norm. But surely the spark that fires a scene comes from collective individualism rather than dot-to-dot conformity. It takes 50 people to fill a coach. Just as with Raid and Boy's Own, its fulcrum is a self-made magazine, also called Faith. It's a start. But we need more. They're wearing the right trainers. Sooner or later, something will.

We were scheduled to meet each other at high neon at the Okura Hotel. Where could I hold the interview? At a coffee shop, obviously, but which one? Most of them are small, poky, running out of money, closing, opening, or full of irritatingly loud, first-time toking tourists.

I called up my dealers. Maybe they'd know of a good one. They recommended the Kashmir lounge in JP Heijeststraat. Despite being a nostalgic rap throwback of sorts, Jurassic 5 are anything but mere revivalists. They have the beats funked-up and impeccably cut rather than glossily posturing jeep-beatz , the lyrics, the sounds no creepy strings or Wu family neo-goth styling , and the showmanship required to entertain modern audiences.

A couple of hours later, the band and entourage arrived. I had a good look at them, taking a few minutes to distinguish the band members from sound and light engineers, interviewers from photographers, and record company representatives from PR personnel. I could read their minds. Just hit the keypad when you want to be discreet, organise your life or just make yourself heard across a crowded room.

For just 12p incl. VAT , you can send messages to most digital networks in the UK and around the world. Try it, just send a text message on and we'll send you one right back. For help check your user guide, or visit www. I'd better make it clear I was different.

Akil, one of the four MCs, took pity on me. You ever been to LA? The Bloods and Crips were all banged up in Terre Haute when they became too much for the Californian state authorities to handle. Apart from the totem poles and wigwams of the native Americans, it was the only culture I encountered in the United States. Indiana radio stations played both kinds of music: one was called Country, and the other was called Western.

I'm no authority, but my understanding of the evolution of hip hop is that its rhythmic roots - as with all black American dance music - are in West Africa and the slave plantations. DJs would spin while chatting vocalists that we would now call MCs or rappers, and known then as toasters, would extemporise on the mic.

Rivalries and competitiveness spawned strange names, masked costumes, capes, swords, and armed, gangster-style bodyguards. As well as party lyrics, boasts and jibes at other DJs, songs also began to articulate Rastafarian- influenced sentiments of black pride and self-determination, becoming a thorn in the side of the establishment as a result. By the early Eighties, institutionalised slavery of black people had been reinstated by the Reagan administration, primarily by imprisoning a massive proportion of the black community, and the nascent hip hop culture became both an articulation of revulsion at this oppression and a means of forgetting it through the joy of tune and dance.

Hip hop was the music of the ghettos, the projects, and the prisons. Between and , the Los Angeles underground was the true centre of hip hop innovation, exhibiting a kinetic musical energy and a flair for progressive beats and styles.

If you prove yourself, both to yourself and to the people that pick up the records, then the labels will come looking for you. Let hip hep be your form of rebellion. It was mine, and it kept me on the straight and narrow. I asked if the band were happy with the new record. It took a while because we were doing so much touring. We hailed a taxi and were picked up by a grey-haired female taxi driver who stared at us rather sternly.

She asked what we did for a living. When Akil responded that they were musicians, her eyes lit up. Rock 'n' rollers! She burst out laughing and took our words as a cue to commence an extraordinary repertoire of cavalier driving. No-entry signs, red lights, and speed limits were completely ignored. Tram bells chimed in deafening panic and weaving cyclists mowed down even more than their usual daily quota of pedestrians. There, we were greeted by large spacious rooms, furnished with mountains of multi-coloured cushions and sporting Moroccan hookahs, Baluchistan kilims, Indian miniature paintings, and Haight-Ashbury posters from the Sixties.

Akil and Nu-Mark did the same. We continued chatting and started giggling. In a few minutes, MCs Zaakir and Chali 2na, sporting massive grins, tumbled through the door and joined us. Zaakir was hungry. Chali asked for the dope menu, bought some Northern Lights, Jack Herrer, and Super Skunk, and then asked if he could have a small chunk of my hashish.

I never thought it would take a guy from an LA hip hop band to get me properly stoned in Amsterdam. Just most of us! Dan returned from the street with some bagels, having failed to find any pancakes. Zaakir picked up a bagel and began eating while examining the pictures on the wall.

He ambled into the next room and came back looking disgruntled. This place is wild. Massive Attack came over the loudspeakers as time and spliffs passed by. In an hour or so, the band would have to go the venue, the Milky Way, just off Leidseplein. I asked about the previous night's gig. If I didn't have family, I'd move here to live tomorrow. For most of them, Jurassic 5 are not hardcore enough, not aggressive enough, not nasty enough gangstas. We try to display the flip side, like the energy from a nice party, when you have fun.

Hip hop was about DJs and MCs wowing crowds in parks and on playgrounds with breaks, beats and rhymes. So are Jurassic 5: they're bringing back and updating the best from a time when all that really mattered was the music, sharing life-affirming merriment, and a shamelessly old school feeling of community. Rather than taking the gats-and- blunts approach of other Californians, Jurassic 5 have looked to the East, not only for the funk, but also for the attitude.

Jurassic 5 take the pain out of living in the past. They are the saviours of hip hop, looking to the past while evolving anew. Any ice that might have been ligging around was now well and truly broken. We started chatting about everything under the sun. Like true perfectionists, they teased each other about their mistakes. And perfectionists Jurassic 5 undoubtedly are. An hour later, they had completely snapped out of relaxation mode and were on the stage executing the most thorough soundcheck I've witnessed.

Vocal harmonies were painstakingly run through, as were the almost choreographed body co- ordinations. Lights and sounds were perfected. Luckily, there was an hour to kill before show time, so there was time to pop to the nearby Rokery coffee shop for another of Chali 's specials. This time a pre-stage special, a blunt with the same ingredients plus a little Purple Haze.

The show started punctually, with an explosion of full-on entertainment. The four MCs were well to the fore, singing choruses in that classic half- interested rap style with the traditional rapper's self-promotion lying comfortably between poignantly conscious lyrics. They traded lines and phrases and fed off each other, smoothly crosscutting and intertwining, imparting a real sense of fun with outlandish, easy to hear rhymes.

Ha You could write a whole book about hip hop tunes dedicated to weed. The Hip Hep Nation's ding of choice has long been both lopped aboul and used as an aid to rapping. But it would basically be an exercise in nostalgia: the heyday of the dope song was the early Nineties. Hip hop kids now are experimenting with hallucinogens and the next wave of drug tunes will be psychedelic. Tha Album' Reggae and skunked-funk go together as well milk in yer ten. Bless 'em. Woll, that and shooting folk.

Sterling advice. Jazz-psychedelia with what seems like far too many words far too quickly for genuine stoners. Ho also named his first solo album 'Tical'. Its release was messed up so badly that East West panicked and dropped him. Featuring a 60 piece orchestra, Our of Nowhere marks a bold shift to a more soulful sound and style that successfully combines elements of jazz, funk, soul and techno creating an essential listening experience.

Offer excludes R. And we do, we do love every second of it. For the record, these days they're down to a duo of Neil Beatnik and Mau - the latter formerly in EarthHrig - but they sound like a whole ensemble, hammering out extra-infectious beats 'n' basslines with DirJyBtjatniks: Music for wgged- out heads Albums W '' v mv h. Brighton still rocks. Not so much an old grey-haired man whft smells of wee as an inventor of things, a mafwho makes dreams come true. It's taken six years since he started Skint Records to unzip his first long- player, but what a whopper it is.

Which in their exciting world probably means a few pints were raised down the local. At his best, Major's compelling voice and production nous make perfect sense of his 'raggadelic' tag. Still, a brave and confident debut with moments of real class. Needless to say, the repetitive, pulsating beats, synthesised cat-wails and monotonous vocals do not meet with favour in this parish.

Do you not like it, then? If you like your grooves frazzled but funky, try getting them Burnt. Always too off-centre fora scene they embraced wholeheartedly, for some that EBTG remix was the final straw. Their silky, silver-tongued vocals have no coarse surfaces or edges. The soulful duo possess voices that combine the sensuality of Joe. A surefire cand cate foralbum of the summer. The south west London lad's media presence over the last six rnonlhs has reared ubiquity.

A few, admittedly strong, inches and remixes last year, have been enough lof journalists lo start touting Matt Coleman as tire hottest UK garage aitist since, welt, ever. But now, with the release of 'Sincere'. Ben Mortimer V no music, no life! Try out the latest sounds on our listening posts in all Tower stores now! Labels such as Naked Music have been gaining major coverage and this CD is one of the first to draw all the major tracks from this genre.

Phil yet again comes up trumps with this superb collection of deep house and downtempo summer grooves. This album rocks to the very roots of a club built on these unconfined The result, however, is not dour abstraction or wilful teenage alienation. Ittwipklesand sparkles as elusively as breaking icicles. Not so much chill out as post-chill out, this is music to contemplate the state of the universe to way, way after you should have gone to sleep.

Enigmatic and beautiful. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, it is, nrc-tu-ally. The shy Valtysdottir twins, Kristin Anna and Gyda, along with their male pals. Nowhere come The Runaways on their mediocrity mule fora frightfully dull stab. Yank rappers bussed in to chat lazy nonsense? One track with an anonymous dva on it? Crisp production masking lack of direction? Oh yes. This collection of the best of the former Black Dog boys contains the ultra-rare 'Mbuki MvukT album in its entirety, and that alone should make this an essential purchase.

Morgan's debut album is a shiny, comedown pop collection of burblng Hammond, goofy samples, and a breezy sense of melody. Approaching house from an almost hip hop perspective, Farris incorporates everything f rcm o'd jazz loops and disco I cks to contemporary tecrno into his catchy, uplifting grooves. A well-rounded and imaginative album.

Known as the hyperactive, squawking puppet-head who brought the world 'Woo-Ha! And he ain't. Samplesfrom 'There Once Was An Ugly Ducking', a whole series of choruses which sound like they've been sung outof tune by male eunuchs on hormone replacement therapy - the musical sins here are multiple and manifest.

Not so much 'Anarchy' as 'Arcs Cream'. Bess 'im. Those fuckers are so rich that they live in geld castles on the Moon! Hoorah, then, for Jurassic5, who eschew the hysterical tore of most bg-labe hip hop for 55 minutes of s ightly prim, socialistic partying. Okay, so it lacks the glamour of their hardcore peers, tnene's evidence of a lack of rhythmic ideas very old skocl, that , and the instrumental track ;s unbearable.

Bul the flows are crisp and they manage to avoid mainstream hip hep's current twin weapons of self-importar. Not as good as their debut, but still fun. As you'd expect from a Rol. Tine perfect soundtrack to a thousand mini-melodramas. Mould and D. Bf mioi meets Cuba m an explosive j us t eave it atthe music either. When you add to those the laid- thythmic adventure. When they talk of making a Bristol meets Cuba record, they don't simply grab a riff from some old Cuban track and smoke a few cigars for effect.

No, this is the real deal. Teaming up with Richard boot. But what of the music itself? Let's not beat about the bush. This album is superb. The problem with this, cf course, is that you often end up with records that are either so polite they fade into the background, or so musically proficient they detract from the groove. S rus, though, has got the balance right. His beats are understated but engaging and, because he plays all the keyboard and guitar parts himself and isn't bound by someone etse's vis or, hs melody ines never become toe rocdly.

Backgourd mus e with spirit. A talented MCwith something to say. The music here is a succession of stnngy samples and sightly flat drums. Cal Gibson. But if you I ked tlieir two previous albums, il mu seems little reason to believe you'll be sneering at this. Their stee bard track, 'A Weil Deserved Break'. Not quite up to scratch, but easy enough cn the ear in the right environment. Thomas H Green thoroughly modern trawl through the last thirty years of jazz-dance history.

Doubtless Peterson, Forge et al are on it already so do yourself a favour and join them - these styles are ultra-sharp and bu It to last. The premise is this - take dassic tracks I ke James Brown's 'Superbad' and the Stones' 'Angie', and gve them a year re-rub. Re under what might have been. His name may be a bit dull.

Apparently Green plays all the instruments, which suggests he's a very talented fellow. This is a suite of cuddly ideas based around stothfu hip hop beats ratner than rhythms taking predominance. Well, you can always dream. THE retationsh p between dance music and film soundtracks is not anewcne. And done. Oooh, and done again. ButasJimiTeno'-theFmbsh eccentric who resembles a reject puppet from Thunderbirds - has never been the predictable sort, his assault on toe genre is so thoroughly unusual and thorough he scored it for a full Pc ish orchestra and a proper classical choir from Fh'and.

Jazzyfunk grooves fer somethings, this re'ies si ghtly too heavly on skillful producton and not enough on fresh ideas. What's on it? Any cop then? Tn s release s t me! Hopefully, this shou d revea! A superb collection of high-octane fueled dancefloor cuts. It might be in some quarters, but where Ful; Cycle go, it's all systems go.

Check it. Almost 40 relentlessly banging grooves fo r those who tike it hare arc fast. Rachel Auoum. Need we say more? At 6am. Full -or. Acd house and techno legend Coi n Fave' steps back n time to 1 , and dusts down the tracks that made the seminal Wednesday nutter- night, Knowledge, rock hard. The cream of the crop. Too right, squ re. Carter enjoys an advantage ove- most male DJs in that he doesn't resemble a troll, and this should have his admirers spray rg the walls with ' love- yoghurt'.

Coherent mixing of styles, good tunes, no cheese. Listen and 'earn. The deout a bum from the Birmingham dub, mixed by residents Daniel Soto and AJ Gibson, and featuring a selection of huge anthems and underground favourites. CD2is peak-time trance-centra , from the likes of TheThnfiseekers and Darude.

Nice to see such a big dub opting fo r local talent instead of the more obvious big name mixer, and the homebeys rise to the occasion in style. In true Petersen style it's a mixture of old and new, with, an emphasis on musical ty overtuneage. It features a variety of Latn and Afro tunes, one of the best being 1 Fusoares'. One of UK garage's hottest rising stars mixing up a storm in a London pirate stylee. Only all the hottest tunes currently causing a storm on the garage underground.

Chyes indeedy I The sound of the UK garage underground locking to the future. And he hasn't. Tripoli Trax remain at the head cf the had house pack. Nothing crap. Albion, Art of Trance. Two CDs, two different mixes by the same artist. You lucky dogs! Don'texpectto work up a sweat thrashing about in convulsive jerks to this lot. Easy listening music, unmixed, which allows full appreciation of the artists' work. What it lacks in full-on, teeth gnashing frenzy it makes up for with that little bit cf extradepth.

The Leaf Label, home to a! If you take your music seriously, this is a vital addition to your collection. It is frightfully serous, though, so prepare to scratch ch n. Most certainty. It fizzes with raw, chopped breakbeat energy and a naked enthusiasm to parky often lacking from the more furrow-brewed junglist communities. Big fun with a bad bassline.

Names such as Moby, Craig Armstrong. Pimal Scream and Underworld also crop up. Forthose marvellously monged moments back home after a night out on the tiles, this fits the bill rather nicely. Closeyour eyes; concentrate. Go to the Gallery, get a good spot to dance, perspire, buzz, go mental; perfection. Imagine the thrill of that live set from Tall Paul, every time you switch on your stereo. A damn good cross section cf hard-edged trance, banging hard house and a touch of progressive.

The diverse trackl. From start to finish. Paul pants a viv. The mind is the canvas, muse is the paint, see what you will. Fat City expand their compilation franchise with a series focussing on particular musics - the first be ng underground h p hop.

Oh, and the excellent Aboriginals - who Fat City seem to have rescued from obscurity - and some sustained toilet humour from Flyng Pupa. Unassuming, tidy hip hop with a heavy jazz nfluence. Also on board are the likes of Smckey Jo, Sappo, plus acouple of unexpected Canadians. Music for psychotic funk robots. The latest broadside from Bristol's most exciting new ish label, the excellent Hcmbre, who run tings out west.

The likes of Numskulz. An exuberant, confident and stylish package, confirming once again that there is life beyond London. And that most of it is more fun. Future Cut are leaner and lither with standouts being Konflict's portentous 'Maelstrom' and a dassic Lennon D overhaul of 'Whiplash'. The cumulative effect of 'Armageddon II' is like being repeatedly hit over the head with a piece ot two by four. But much more fun. According to the label propaganda.

Silver Planet big cheese Dave Conway had a messy night out in Miami, and upon his return, promptly mixed an impromptu set. But there are no surprises. DJ Garth, Wicked Crew stalwart and a I- rcund deep house party animal, gently but effectively blends together twelve faves from his own Grayhcund imprint. A really strong album andagreat way to show- case a label that represents the mellower, trippierside of the San Francisco party scene. To everyone else it's the sound of a very large barrel be.

Who's on it? Return To The Source mainstay Jake Stephenson under a whole host of interchangeable guises 3rd Eye, Bass Meditation, Lunar all of which take a much maligned genre to adepressingly obvious conclusion. If this brand of workmanlike trance spattered with smutty samples gets you off. About as erotic as Antiques Roadshow.

Death-defyng drums, battling bass, seething strings and saxophones lend a hand in making exclusively rem xed tracks like Wtchcraft' by Krust something to remember. Producers around the world takean mation and turn it into music. Somehow the Pussyfoot stable manage to take something blatantly ridcubus and turn it into something rather splendid. Yes, there's plenty ol surreal stupdity, but since when was music only meant to be serious?

Derrick Carter and co decide to remind us quite howspecial their modestly titled Classic imprint has been for the last year or so. Classic is simply that. Packed full of eccentric house, an evil sense of humour, you'll want to spend more than lOminutes ever this one. I buy online at www. So here we go again in the same mould. Nevermind, there's a couple of Dubaholics twc-steppy mixes which punch cut the cheesey core and make an impact.

Before that information becomes just another factoid, just think what it means! It's very well-crafted bul nothing's happening lor me. Thumping French disco- house with no affectations and an easy to shout vocal. CZR and Spiller provide main mxes with extra-saxif ed jazzish versions fromAstrotrax.

I could have a disco moment to this. Not half bad either. The A-side uses a simple, building, aark rnythm and effects combo alongs be the weaving title phrase to good effect.

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Where the wild things are lyrics deep puddle dynamics torrent hatchet movie collection torrent

Deep Puddle Dynamics - June 26th, 1998

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where the wild things are lyrics deep puddle dynamics torrent


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Powered by OnRad. Think you know music? Test your MusicIQ here! In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Listen online. Notify me of new comments via email. Cancel Report. Create a new account. Log In. Powered by CITE. Missing lyrics by Deep Puddle Dynamics?

Know any other songs by Deep Puddle Dynamics? Don't keep it to yourself! Add it Here. Watch the song video Where the Wild Things Are. Why Kneel. The Scarecrow Speaks. Heavy Ceiling. Browse Lyrics. Our awesome collection of Promoted Songs ». You, don't know what happens when, I close the door. And furniture comes warm, out to greet me, look. I adore these, walls as they reveal, supple roots.

Seems to penetrate very fabric of the roof above me. As panels seal ceiling seal ceiling peels. The amazing thing is with secrets unfolding. Abound, on ground I can only see the light. And thus the moon burns and it tolerates magicals got some inspring. To be or not, join the miraculous now transpiring.

That is the, who's flame is it for me to not feed. So my relief becomes my gallion and my poon becomes my bloom. This place has always been an ocean, always been a song. Got the second Mobb Deep creeping out of the speakers. Would prefer to sit home and drink 'cause it's cheaper. Why you trying to hide the eggs girl, you think that it's Easter? Got the firearm ready to rob convenience stores. Got charm baby gonna recruit a team of whores. I've got hopes and dreams of no in betweens.

Good swing keep losing the fall in the green. Good thing most my friends live inside my head. Maybe someone took it, mistook it for value and thought they wanted it. Gone with the wind and the rain all that remains is a subtle taste of sin. Because they dwell in my heart and raise hell in my emotions. If there ever was a reason to live it'd be to die.

Now hold still let me wipe the fear out of your eye. Darkness envelopes me, directly after eclipse. It couldn't a mind know, of my lower instincts begin to kick. At nothing, origin represents under my sleeping quarters. Not a noise is being made, but yet I sense that there's no order. Directly beneath my being I'm seeing, nothing but I can squint.

But there's commotion taking place I should check, but I don't give. Worked up the courage, after much debating.

Where the wild things are lyrics deep puddle dynamics torrent dein klettershop kontakt torrent

Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel? (1999) [full album]

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