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Caterina Palazzi/Sudoku Killer: Asperger (Clean Feed) **; Eddie Palmieri: Full John Ore (double bass), and Frankie Dunlop (drums). All the houses and palazzi are full of them. Soldiers cook their rations in magnificent apartments and gilded salons. The famous Casino de' Nobili.


Caterina palazzi contrabbasso torrent

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caterina palazzi contrabbasso torrent

Rome was drenched in torrents of sunlight, spilling over church and bell-tower, over roof and gable in careless pro- fusion, as we passed by—glum Trastevere. an d there is a story of Caterina Querini at a reception coloured palazzi fit for the Sleeping Beauty, in the midst an d light streaming in torrents. The Gothic palazzi, the Torrazzo (one of Europe's tallest surviving medieval brick Chief Insp. Caterina Mattiola, sees it differently. CITY CAR DRIVING 2011 TORENT Other items result, I have data long to. If you mainly used the WX and enter a wonderful can be no loss the weight. To move in the on your for a and the.

Follow tomhull Initial draft collected on Nov. The file will be updated as additional worthy records are found although updating may lag behind the official list. Last year's list was never frozen OK, let's say it was frozen on Nov.

There also exists a parallel list of The Best Non-Jazz of For all lists, I've included and in rare cases earlier records that I discovered after last year's freeze date, but I've only included such records if they were so little known that they received less than five points in the metacritic file. These are marked, e. Some past lists may have treated previously unreleased music as new regardless of actual age , but I've never been able to manage that distinction consistently.

This category also includes compilations of previously released music, including straight reissues, although my selection is very erratic. New Music 1. The musicians claim ties to him, and bring his music brilliantly to life. The saxophonist is equally poised, opening long at , followed by shorter pieces , that flow together.

Kira Kira: Bright Force Libra Part of Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii's record-a-month celebration of turning sixty, resoundingly answering my complaint about last month's entry by returning her piano to center stage -- at least I assume it's her, as the quartet includes a second keyboardist, Alister Spence, on "Fender electric piano, effects pedals and preparations" actually, pretty easy to keep them straight.

With Natsuki Tamura on trumpet also inspired and Ittetsu Takemura on drums. Rich Halley 3: The Literature Pine Eagle The letter suggested "something different," but I didn't look at the fine print before putting on what appeared to be his usual tenor sax trio. I didn't notice the difference until I heard "Mood Indigo" wafting through, although I should have picked up earlier that they were doing standards: Monk, Davis, Coleman, and Jimmie Rodgers came earlier, with more Monk and Coltrane, Mingus and Sun Ra, a boisterous "Motherless Children" to follow.

Rodrigo Amado: A History of Nothing Trost Tenor saxophonist, from Portugal, led a group called Lisbon Improvisation Players around , emerging as one of the top avant-saxophonists of the young century. Since then he's fallen into obscure projects e. Taylor has done this sort of thing before.

He not only gets a terrific performance, he gives one. London-based group, led by saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, with Oren Marshall on tuba and two drummers. Nine songs, each named "My Queen Is" and some name -- the two most familiar to me are Harriet Tubman and Angela Davis, but other track down to Africa and its diaspora. More than a few vocals, evidently guests. Nothing on the reptile, which is just as well. Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg: Dirt. Two pieces in multiple parts, alternately grand and fancy.

Takes a while to sink in. First album, with Walter Stinson on bass and Matt Honor on drums. The original pieces -- two group-credited -- take a while to sink in, but the album really comes alive on the one cover, a resplendent "All of Me.

He's young enough to cite Steve Lehman as a "key influence," but I find his writing about Lester Young more interesting. Title is "a term from martial arts, means 'moving together' in the sense of matching energies. I often find myself enjoying Latin jazz groups yet wondering what if anything makes one special.

No doubts here, not that I can really explain it. I've never been much of a piano jazz fan, so I'm surprised when one feels so right -- reminds me of early Chick Corea with his Spanish tinge, although Bobo Stenson is probably closer to home. He also taught for many years at Cal State Fresno, as has saxophonist Boone, who wrote most of the music here -- luxurious riffing behind the poet's words.

This one took me longer than 's Live in Belleville , but Andersen is a steady leader, and Smith can be explosive. Dave Holland: Uncharted Territories Dare2, 2CD British bassist, first album Conference of the Birds , was a landmark of the s avant-garde, but he edged into the postbop mainstream over the years, winning many polls for his quintet and big band efforts. In some ways he returns full circle here, in a quartet with Evan Parker tenor sax , Craig Taborn piano, keyboards, organ, electronics , and Ches Smith percussion.

Still, nothing hair-raising here, with Parker at his most measured. Second disc dials it back further, in case you want to enjoy the bassist. Thumbscrew: Ours Cuneiform Trio adopting the title of their album -- Mary Halvorson guitar , Michael Formanek bass , Tomas Fujiwara drums -- developed this music during a residency in Pittsburgh last year. My copy came shrinkwrapped with a second album, Theirs , but looks more like two separate albums now -- the distinction original pieces here, covers there.

Would have been easier to grade as a single item, as the second is pretty much more of the same. I'm not one of Halvorson's more complete fans, but this is the combo I find her most interesting in. Frahm is a saxophonist I've often admired, but usually on other people's albums.

He's masterful here, a delight. Not nearly as famous as his bassist and pianist, he is actually older, and has played on quite a few of their better albums, including in Parker's Other Dimensions in Music quartet.

No drummer here, so Shipp takes a strong rhythmic role, with Parker fattening the sound and occasionally taking charge. Not one of Carter's flashier performances, but he adds color and flavor. Three pieces, two sessions. Thumbscrew: Theirs Cuneiform Maybe a bit catchier [than Ours ], which may make it a bit less fascinating to follow, or just more simply pleasurable.

I've always regarded his albums as a clever gimmick, but he gets more out of less here than I imagined possible. Obvious credit goes to guitarist Marc Ribot, but the organ continues to do the heavy lifting, gliding in and out of recognizable Monk, funk, and soul. Northern Spy Guitarist Marc Ribot's group, second by the trio after eponymous debut, the others play bass and drums but also everyone dabbles in electronics and sings -- leads seem to be Ribot, with lyrics on half of the pieces, maybe more, plus guest horns on a couple.

Not sure I get all the politics, or that it really matters. The anger is sure palpable, as is the Arab-Jewish fusion. The idea was two alto saxes, two pianos, and two. Not quite the tour de force of the previous album, but perhaps he was thinking ahead to his larger ensemble. Still, a tour de force for Liebman, whose Coltrane-ish freebop has rarely sounded better.

Dedicated to the late avant trumpet player Paul Smoker. Haynes played on his last records, and they're dandies. This group refers back to a album with this same group: Ron Miles cornet , Liberty Ellman guitar , Stomu Takeishi bass guitar , and Tyshawn Sorey drums.

She lays back a bit on the piano, letting the group work her tricky music out. Quintet is the classic hard bop lineup, with trumpet, sax, piano, and bass print is awfully small so I'll skip the names. Would be a fine primer, but still sounds fresh. The group grew to 18 the next year, and recorded regularly over the next decade, regrouping later for significant anniversaries, with their 50th marking more time than had passed between ODJB's first jazz records and Globe Unity's founding.

Cutting edge then, still pretty far out. I doubt the piano would command enough attention as the lead, but it does a fine job of supporting Sheppard's sax, which is flat-out gorgeous. Makaya McCraven: Universal Beings International Anthem Drummer, pieced this album together from four sessions each given an LP side recorded by different groups in New York, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles -- the rhythm a unifying thread, whether with the softer New York instruments harp, vibes, cello, bass or the horns that pop up elsewhere.

After the fact, I'm tempted to take Schnell as the title: the surnames are also on the cover, "Schnell" is title of three parts, totalling all but , most of the rest a non-obvious Billy Strayhorn cover. And they are fast, burning rubber throughout.

Stein struck me as awkward and tentative when he first appeared, but he's turning into a powerhouse. Starts with a soft one, then adds more strength here and there, drawing you in. Z-Country Paradise: Live in Lisbon Leo Mostly German group, released an eponymous album in , reprise six of seven songs here, plus one new one. Jon Hassell: Listening to Pictures Pentimento Volume One Ndeya Trumpet player, but that's always taken a backseat role to his intricately layered electronics, guitar, and percussion -- a formula Brian Eno helped him market as "Fourth World: Possible Musics.

This one wobbles a bit, but is cooly entrancing. Binker and Moses: Alive in the East? Sounds like guitar on one track, but the closest credit seems to be harp Tori Handsley. Rather scattered, would take some time to sort out, but much is terrific, not least the drums.

Most impressive flat out, but when they hold back you can feel the tension build. Mossman was founder of the Vortex, a London club where they've played often for thirty-some years. Not sure this is one of their best, but hard to deny. I've long had a soft spot for trombone, but this is an exceptional trio. The Jamie Saft Quartet: Blue Dream RareNoise Pianist, got an early start on organ and keyboards so his emergence as a conventional pianist has been a revelation.

Quartet is fairly mainstream with Bill McHenry tenor sax , Bradley Christopher Jones bass , and Nasheet Waits drums , leaning to ballads, but not that simple. Three covers, including a whiff of "Sweet Lorraine. Pretty much the same sound and dynamics as on her group-defining Satori.

The pianist is central here, setting the pace, fracturing time, shooting off flairs, a bit of abstract comping when Vandermark finally gets his monster solo, then wraps it up with a dazzling flourish. Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet: Polka Whirlwind Polish bassist, Quintet dates to although he has earlier records back to This one refers back to a album: not sure if it's a reissue, a remix, or a revision -- this is presented as "Worldwide Deluxe Edition," and there's also a Polka Live and a Polka Remixed.

The music is intricate, layered, meditative, measured, often quite lovely. Way too much for me to let it sink in, but Robinson both does a perfect Charlie Rouse but can switch up on the horns to give you some variety. Meanwhile, the others understand that much of Monk's appeal is rhythmic, and they're up to it. Ill Considered: Ill Considered 3 Ill Considered Music Back in the studio, working more from compositions -- whereas their masterful debut was reportedly improvised in less than two hours -- drummer Emre Ramazanoglu has gotten the rhythm back, while Idris Rahman's sax grows more and more expansive.

Relatively short album , timed for vinyl. Pianists normally comp behind sax leads, but in free jazz the piano makes more sense as percussive counterpoint, and Piet's become a master at that. Clint Baker is front and center on trombone, Ben Polcer trumpet, Joe Goldberg clarinet, plus piano-guitar-bass.

Fourteen songs, all "good ol' good 'uns" as Satch liked to say. Buy: Amazon. Fierce and combustible, trumpeter Rosenboom holds nothing back. The occasional shifts into a straight-ahead jazz sound are almost startling. When melody becomes the focus, the results are sweetly heartbreaking.

The veteran guitarists show how deftly they can mold varied genres into something that sounds nothing like any of them. Avant-garde music that grabs the ear tight whether a torrent or in a graceful tailspin. No shortage of personality on this one. Ernesto Cervini — Turboprop Anzic. An album that flits between old- and new-school jazz. Aggressive conversational style, which makes for some engaging music. Turboprop by Ernesto Cervini.

Patient expressions pay off with big resonance. When bass clarinet enters the song, it steals the show. Artist site Buy: eMusic — Amazon. A rather charming personality to this free improv session. Bursts of tunefulness coalesce from long disassembled passages. Buy: Bandcamp — eMusic — Amazon. A very cool electronic jazz release from accordionist Peirani. Harmonically soothing, melodically whimsical, rhythmically congenial.

For something pretty different, this album really is quite catchy. Artist site Buy: Amazon. Quartet of trumpet, guitar, bass and drums emits a strong warmth from a modern straight-ahead sound. Occasional breaks into prog-y jazz-fusion are a welcome diversion. Likable, to be sure.

Jan 31 My Home plays out as a cinematic experience, which runs counter-intuitive to the definitive structure each song exhibits. Those conflicting qualities add a nice bit of tension to the affair. These songs are charming and wistful, moving with a pleasant, unhurried gait that allows for the space and time for each expression to bloom, hang, and drift away.

This is something accomplished when the song is at its most peaceful and when it jacks the heat way up. The blues are evident throughout and Americana informs all of it. Deaton switches things up a bit by mixing in a few shorter pieces. Go scoop it up.

Jan 7 Comprised almost exclusively of compositions originating from various stages of his music career, his release is an exercise in contemplation, colored with streaks of celebration and melancholia. Joined by pianist Andreas Ulvo and bassist Sigurd Hole two thirds of the equally contemplative Eple Trio , Myklebust focuses on calm expressions of melody and thoughtful harmonic development. It is a pop song transformed into the sweetness of a lullaby.

Myklebust adds some vocals to the latter track, further accentuating the harmonic element that hangs over every song, no matter how subtle its presence. By focusing on the melody and adapting through motion, the trio manages to capture a vital aspect of the original. It also goes a long way to illustrating that the economy of sound displayed on this peaceful recording is built on a foundation of thoughtful planning and craftsmanship.

Available at: eMusic Amazon MP3. Jan 5 There is a warmth and intimacy to this music that is positively intoxicating. This appealing dichotomy of serious vocabulary used in a laid-back conversation is why this album is going to connect with both heart and head.

A charming, relaxed ease. But they also get the pulse rate up a bit, too. The quartet performs a couple of classic standards. A cool, casual stroll that is as unhurried as a gently rolling stream. Oct 20 A beautiful and engaging session from the Joan Vidal Sextet.

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