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Mass effect 3 ground resistance torrent

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mass effect 3 ground resistance torrent

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But why does this occur? Ocean movement is created by the governing principles of physics and chemistry. Friction, drag, and density all come into play when describing the nature of a wave, the movement of a current, or the ebb of a tide. Ocean motion is influenced by occurrences here on Earth that are familiar, like heat changes and wind. It also requires a shift in perspective to encompass the movement of planets, the Moon, and the Sun. Though it appears we live on a stable and stationary planet, we are, in fact, whipping through space around the Sun in an orbit and spinning on an axis.

This planetary movement has a strong effect on how oceans move. While the ocean as we know it has been in existence since the beginning of humanity, the familiar currents that help stabilize our climate may now be threatened. Climate change is altering the processes that propel water across the globe, and should this alter ocean currents, it would likely lead to a cascade of even more change.

A large movement of water in one general direction is a current. Currents can be temporary or long-lasting. They can be near the surface or in the deep ocean. All of these factors are interconnected. Wind is a major force in propelling water across the globe in surface currents.

Surface ocean currents are driven by consistent wind patterns that persist throughout time over the entire globe, such as the jet stream. These wind patterns convection cells are created by radiation from the Sun beating down on Earth and generating heat. This uneven distribution of heat causes air to move. The hot air over the equator rises and moves away from the equator. Likewise, cold air from the poles sinks and moves towards the equator.

The clashing of hot air originating at the equator and cold air originating at the poles creates regions of high atmospheric pressure and low atmospheric pressure along specific latitude lines. It would make intuitive sense that the hot air and cool air would meet in the middle of the equator and the North or South pole, however, in reality it is much more complicated.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the most northern system, the polar cell, blows air in a consistent southwestern direction toward a pocket of low pressure along the degree latitude line. The middle system, the Ferrel cell, blows in a consistent northeastern direction toward the same degree low. And the most southern system, the Hadley cell, blows air in a consistent southwestern direction toward a region of low pressure along the equator.

The result is a global pattern of prevailing wind, and it is this consistent wind that impacts the ocean. While it may appear that the ocean is a flat surface, the reality is that it is a series of hills and valleys in the water. At the places where the wind generated currents converge into each other, the ocean water is pushed to build a slight hill.

Likewise, where the winds diverge, the ocean water dips in a slight depression. Wind pushes water into hills of high pressure which leave behind valleys of low pressure. Since water is a liquid that prefers to stay at a level height, this creates an unstable situation. Following the pull of gravity, ocean water moves from the built-up areas of high pressure down to the valleys of low pressure.

But as the water moves from hills to valleys, it does so in a curved trajectory, not a straight line. On Earth, movement in a straight line over long distances is harder than it may seem. From our perspective, stationary objects are just that, unmoving. It also influences the movement of ocean currents.

Scientists refer to this bending as the Coriolis Effect. It is easiest to understand this phenomenon when thinking about travel in a northern or southern direction. As you get closer and closer to the poles, the distance traveled in one rotation gradually shrinks until it reaches zero at either pole. Therefore, an object on the surface will gradually spin slower the closer it gets to a pole.

But leave the surface of the planet, and the anchor keeping you in sync with the land beneath you disappears. Any moving object plane, boat, hot air balloon, water will begin its travels at the rotating speed of the location where it took off from. If it should travel north or south, the ground beneath it will be traveling at a different speed. Travel North from the Equator, and the ground will gradually spin slower beneath you.

This causes an object attempting to travel in a straight line to veer to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and veer to the left in the Southern Hemisphere relative to the direction traveling. Understanding how the rotating Earth affects movement to the west or east is a bit trickier.

Envision an elastic string attached to a ball on one end and an anchored point at the other. The faster the ball is spun around the anchor, the more the elastic stretches and the farther the ball travels from the center point. An object traveling on Earth behaves the same way.

If the object moves east, in the direction that Earth is spinning, it is now traveling around the axis of Earth faster than it was when it was anchored—and so, the object wants to move out and away from the axis. Still tethered by gravity, the object does so by moving toward the equator, the place on Earth that is the greatest distance from the axis.

It does so by moving toward the pole. This again appears as a bend to the right in the Northern hemisphere and to the left in the Southern hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, surface water curves to the right and in the Southern Hemisphere it curves to the left of the direction it is forced to move. There are 5 major gyres—expansive currents that span entire oceans—on Earth. Similar to surface waters, Northern gyres spin clockwise to the right while gyres in the south spin counterclockwise to the left.

The center of the gyres are relatively calm areas of the ocean. The Sargasso Sea, known for its vast expanses of floating Sargassum seaweed, exists in the North Atlantic gyre and is the only sea without land boundaries. Today, gyres are also areas where marine plastic and debris congregate.

The most famous one is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , but all five gyres are centers of plastic accumulation. Wind moving across the ocean moves the water beneath it, but not in the way you might expect. The Coriolis Effect, the apparent force created by the spinning of Earth on its axis, affects water movement, including movement instigated by wind.

Recall that Coriolis causes the trajectory of a moving object to veer to the right or the left depending upon the hemisphere it is located in. Wind blowing over water will move the ocean water underneath it in an average direction perpendicular to the direction the wind is traveling.

As wind blows over the surface layer of water, friction between the two pulls the water forward. The top most layer of water will bend away from the direction of the wind at about 45 degrees. For simplicity, we will assume that this scenario is in the Northern Hemisphere and all movement bends to the right.

As the top layer of water begins to travel, it in turn pulls on the water layer beneath it, just as the wind had. Now this second water layer begins to move, and it travels in a direction slightly to the right of the layer above it. This effect continues layer by layer as you move down from the surface, creating a spiral effect in the moving water.

In addition to a change in direction, each sequential layer down loses energy and moves at a slower speed. Friction causes the water to move, but drag resists that movement, so as we travel from the top layer to the next, some of the energy is lost. When all the layers down the spiral are accounted for, the net direction of the water is perpendicular to the direction of the wind.

The ocean is connected by a massive circulatory current deep underwater. This planetary current pattern, called the global conveyor belt , slowly moves water around the world—taking 1, years to make a complete circuit. It is driven by changes in water temperature and salinity, a characteristic that has scientists refer to the current as an example of thermohaline circulation. Saltier and colder water is heavier and denser than less salty or fresher , warmer water.

Around the globe there are areas where the heat and saltiness of ocean water and therefore, its density change. The most important of these areas is in the North Atlantic. As warm Atlantic water from the Equator reaches the cold polar region in the North via the Gulf Stream, it rapidly cools.

This region is also cold enough that the ocean water freezes, but only the water turns to ice. As the water freezes it leaves the salt behind, causing the surrounding water to become saltier and saltier. The cold, salty water then sinks in a mass movement to the deep ocean. It is this sinking that is a main driver for the entire deep-water circulation system that moves massive quantities of water around the globe.

Cooling also occurs near Antarctica, but not to the extremes that happen in the Northern Hemisphere. In this area, evaporation is the main driver that changes the salinity of the ocean water. As water in the Mediterranean evaporates, it leaves the salt behind. This super salty ocean water then bleeds into the Atlantic via the thin mouth of the Mediterranean, also known as the Strait of Gibraltar. When cold, salty water circulates the globe and gradually becomes warmer, it begins to rise.

Scientists worry that the melting ice caused by global warming may weaken the global conveyer belt by adding extra fresh water in the Arctic. A study found that the massive ocean current that courses around the Atlantic Ocean, called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, has decreased in strength by about 15 percent since AD and is now the weakest it has been in 1, years.

Ironically, despite an overall increase in global temperatures, many places in North America and Europe may get colder as a result. Not all currents occur at such a large scale. Individual beaches may have rip currents that are dangerous to swimmers.

Rip currents are strong, narrow, seaward flows of water that extend from close to the shoreline to outside of the surf zone. Rip currents are formed when there are alongshore variations in wave breaking. In particular, rip currents tend to form in regions with less wave breaking sandwiched between regions of greater wave breaking. This can occur when there are gaps in sand bars nearshore, from structures like piers or jetties, or from natural variations in how waves are breaking.

Rip currents can move faster than an Olympic swimmer can swim, at speeds as fast as eight feet 2. At these speeds, a rip current can easily overpower a swimmer trying to return to shore. Instead of attempting to swim against the current, experts suggest not to fight it and to swim parallel to shore. Unseen by the human eye, thousands of microscopic animals hitch rides across oceans on an oceanic highway.

These animals, called zooplankton, move at the whim of ocean currents. The currents enable the young creatures to find their way to hospitable places where they grow into adults. Other ocean creatures hitch rides on currents using floating debris, like mats of seaweed, tree trunks, and even plastic.

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Bugfix Modification Warranty does needed to in Australia. Install updates and fix the contents. I was user will virtual instance of the snipe ended.

Size: Seeder not seen: 6 days. Deluxe Edition. Electronic Arts. Repack [rutracker. Download 40 KB. BelijLis Gender: Longevity: 9 years 5 months Posts: 1. Nikitanos Gender: Longevity: 10 years Posts: 1. Intense action meets gripping interactive storytelling - it's up to you how the story unfolds.

Three games included: In addition to the main content and more than 40 add-ons, all three games include bonus weapons, armor and sets. Improved graphics across all three games: Updates include improved models, shaders, special effects, lighting and depth of field, and high-resolution audio. Create your own unique character: customize your appearance, skills and personal weapons - and lead an elite scouting party across the raging galaxy.

New Customization for Shepard: A single character editor brings together options from across the trilogy: choose from improved hairstyle, makeup, eye color and skin tone settings, or opt for the now classic Mass Effect 3 female version of Shepard, now available in all installments.

The consequences of your decisions are automatically taken into account in the following games. The outcome of missions, relationships, battles and even the fate of an entire galaxy depends on each decision you make. Improved graphics of the first part of Mass Effect: The game world has been rebuilt from scratch, including updated environments, visuals and levels. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition contains the main single-player content for all three games Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 , single-player story expansions, and bonus weapons, armor, and sets.

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