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Twenty OAM-dependent holographic images have been experimentally reconstructed from a complex-amplitude metasurface hologram (Fig. 1b). Future integrating OAM. Being capable of recording and reconstructing 3D information, holographic undiffracted light, while allowing maximum transmission of the.


Holographie transmission torrent

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holographie transmission torrent

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Our holograms kits include all the essentials you need for making holograms. The above materials can all be found in the hologram kit or catalog provided by Integraf. Other accessories generally recommended are a computer mouse pad, a cup of sand salt or sugar will also work , a hardcover book or piece of cardboard to serve as a shutter, coins or other appropriate object as the subject for your hologram , distilled water, and a hair dryer optional.

Again, please see "Simple Holography" or our step-by-step instructions to understand how these items are used. The only real difference between making transmission holograms versus reflection holograms lies in how you position the materials equipment on your holography work space for the exposure. To illustrate how to make transmission holograms, let's compare the set up for making reflection holograms versus making transmission holograms.

Set up for making reflection holograms. Note the order: laser light - holographic plates - object. Reflection holograms. In making reflection holograms, the holographic plate is placed between the laser light and the object in one of two basic ways. Transmission Holograms. In contrast, making transmission holograms requires the holographic plate to be placed behind the object and laser, or to the side at 45 degree angle or so.

The idea is that the laser light that reflects off the object will interfere directly with the light coming from the laser in front of the plate and then get recorded as such. This creates the "deep scene" hologram. In making transmission holograms, the order of the items is swapped so it's laser - object - plate, but at an off-angle. There are two recommended set ups for making transmission holograms with a single laser beam as opposed to split-beam using mirrors and lenses, etc.

The first is the "top-down" version, which is useful for deep scenes of flat objects. One can achieve depth of over 6 inches 15cm with this method. Note how the bulkier object the chess piece is off to the side, so as to avoid casting unnecessary shadows on to the plate. An alternative set up is the "straight-on" or "same-plane" method, whereby the laser shines straight on from the same horizontal plane as the object and plate. The object and plate are split apart at about a 90 degree angle to each other, with the beam shining at each with equal intensity.

This second method is appropriate for bulkier items. This set up helps prevent the object from casting too big a shadow on to the plate. After all, who wants to make a hologram of a shadow? You can set up to make transmission holograms at home using holographic plates. To learn how to use holographic film instead of plates, see our article "How to Use Holographic Film". A homemade stand is used to hold the holographic plate up vertically. You can simply clip the holographic plate on two sides with two metal clips, and then use magnets to hold it down onto a sturdy, flat sheet of metal.

An even simpler way is to lean the plate against two flat, non-moveable objects, such as heavy book ends. For the above options, place your holder on top of a computer mouse pad. The mouse pad serves to dampen vibration and keep the holder from slipping on your table. The picture also shows a homemade plate and object holder. To make one yourself, use a piece of hardwood about 4" x 8", paint it white, and install two 3" screws about 2" apart. Place this platform on top of a mouse pad and arrange the objects on top.

Prepare the chemicals and your "dark room" as discussed in "Simple Holography". Use a book as shutter shown in Figure 4. Rotate the laser handle with care, do not touch the electronic circuit board on the laser until its elliptical beam of light is fanned out vertically so that the strongest part of the light is illuminating objects coins are best on top of the white platform; while a weaker part illuminates the position where the plate will be placed.

Use a piece of 2. Then block the beam with the book shutter and turn off the normal light. Allow the laser to warm up at for five minutes without any physical disturbance. You are ready to make transmission holograms. Notice that in making transmission hologram, all laser light approach the plate from the same side. Whereas, in making a reflection hologram, the reference and object beams hit the plate from opposite sides. These gratings are replicated from custom Holographix supplied, or customer provided master molds.

Our replication process is capable of producing a wide spectrum of groove pitches and aspect ratios. Custom Transmission Gratings. Transmission Grating Applications:. Transmission Grating Solutions Include:. Evaluate Our Gratings. Order a 32 element diffraction grating sampler. The range of custom transmission grating specifications that we can support include:.

Download Learn more about our diffraction grating manufacturing capabilities in our product brochures. Blazed Grating Download Transmission Grating Download Slanted Grating Download Chirped Grating Download Mastering In order to provide high quality custom replicated transmission gratings, a high quality master mold is required. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies.

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holographie transmission torrent


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