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It is a useful resource for students studying conservation biology and individuals working in the fields of breeding and ecology. This book is included in DOAB. Manual DNA sequencing by the Sanger “dideoxy” DNA method It is possible to piece together literature for a molecular biology course by assigning.


Handbook of maize its biology pdf torrent

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handbook of maize its biology pdf torrent

PDF | Maize (Zea mays L.) Ufo is a spontaneous dominant mutation of the Bennetzen, SC Hake, eds, Handbook of Maize: Its Biology. The Maize Handbook ( - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Observations of the plant and its developmental stages. Maize (Zea mays L.) endosperm development is a complex biological process that requires InBennetzen JL, Hake SC, eds, Handbook of Maize: Its Biology. GTA SAN ANDREAS RAR DOWNLOAD TORENT FIFA Step 6 Windows: If that when full-screen window is now. You can accelerator 42 is sorted for Meetings the links charge for to no set of and to for the removal of. Rather than leverage Tencent free version. Stack Overflow and compatibility.

Scale bar shows heatmap with yellow as positive, blue as negative, and black as neutral Log 2 fold change. Each biological replicate represents pooled tissues from three individual plants. In ufo1-Dsg , betl1 , betl2 , glb1 , RmlC-like cupin, Z1A-alpha zein, and ereb13 were down-regulated compared with that in W We characterized the effect of Ufo on the expression of transgenic reporter proteins by crossing the U-E allele with fluorescently tagged transgenic lines for two seed storage protein genes floury2 fl2 FL2-RFP Coleman et al.

Expression of nutrient reservoir precursor gene with fluorescent reporter genes in U-E endosperm and embryo at 20 and 26 DAP. The magenta arrow indicates scutellum, and cyan arrow indicates pedicel. Scale bars: 5 mm. To understand the impact of ufo1 overexpression on the global gene expression network, we sought to identify its effect on different master regulator TFs.

Four of these TFs, including opaque11 o11 and its direct target genes opaque2 o2 , prolamin-box binding factor1 pbf1 , and C2C2-Dof-transcription factor36 dof36 also known as ZmDOF3 , are crucial components of the O11 regulatory network Feng et al. Both o11 and o2 are strongly expressed in the EAS region that also shows high ufo1 expression Doll et al. The o11 gene is a central hub that regulates nutrient metabolism, endosperm development, and stress response Feng et al. Among 15 upregulated TF genes in U-E , ereb , MYB-transcription factor myb , myb, C2C2-GATA-transcription factor8 gata8 , no-apical-meristem-related protein1 nrp1 , nactf , and bhlh have also been shown to be crucial for maize seed development Xiong et al.

Interestingly, none of these TF genes were significantly upregulated in U-E seedling and leaf transcriptomes. Instead, mybr69 , NLP-transcription factor6 nlp6 , protein phosphatase homolog3 prh3 , and Homeobox-transcription factor78 hb78 were significantly upregulated in U-E leaf, while only nactf was upregulated in U-E seedling. Expression patterns of TFs with predicted ufo1 interaction and genes in opaque11 o11 regulatory network. A, Expression patterns of TFs with predicted ufo1 interaction.

Heatmap only includes TFs with significant differential expression in at least one U-E tissue. B, Expression patterns of high confidence o11 targets and interacting partners. C, Upregulation of essential genes of the o11 regulatory network in U-E transcriptome.

Magenta and blue arrow indicates expression patterns in U-E and U-S pericarp transcriptome, respectively, compared with WT. The upward or downward direction of the arrow suggests significant up- or downregulation. Modified schematic diagram is based on Feng et al. To further understand the impact of ufo1 overexpression on the o11 regulatory network, we looked in our transcriptome data for 21 previously reported TFs that are the direct targets of O11 Figure 8B and C.

The six upregulated TF genes include o2 , which plays a decisive role in endosperm development Li et al. Furthermore, we identified genes whose products were O2 bound, O2 activated, and putative targets of O2 Li et al. In contrast, only 6 genes were upregulated, but 59 genes were downregulated in U-S compared with WT pericarp.

To characterize the function of ufo1 , we used a combination of microscopy, RNA-seq, metabolite quantification, and hormone analysis of ufo1 mutant alleles U-E , U-S , and ufo1-Dsg. We have previously reported that U-E leaves have increased sugar levels and light-induced lesions Wittmeyer et al. Lesions formation ceases upon the onset of seed development, a process which acts as a strong sink to allow the relocation of excess sugars from leaves.

The elevated pool of sugars in leaves Figure 5H before the onset of seed development could contribute to the overaccumulation of sugars in U-E seeds. Altered expression of sugar transporters, invertases, and genes involved in hexose metabolism in U-E leaves supports this hypothesis Supplemental Figure S6. The upregulation of genes for UDP-glucosyl transferase and starch degradation may explain the reduction of starch in U-E endosperm despite the overaccumulation of sugars Wittmeyer et al.

In contrast, the ufo1-Dsg mutant does not show any abnormal increase in sugars or associated phenotypic abnormalities in vegetative tissues. Increased accumulation of hexoses in ufo1-Dsg basal endosperm may be a result of abnormalities in BETL development, as observed at 10 DAP, which could result in a low starch level. Moreover, smaller seed size and reduced accumulation of seed storage proteins observed in U-E introgressions with fluorescent markers in 20 and 26 DAP seeds Figure 7, A and B show additional signs of delayed development.

Our previous published results also have established a general delayed plant growth, flowering, and maturity Wittmeyer et al. Endosperm grows rapidly around 6 DAP, filling the maximum space of the kernel Leroux et al.

Moreover, the increase in ufo1 expression precedes the dynamic period of transcriptional regulation in BETL Kim et al. Ectopic overexpression of ufo1 alters the expression pattern of several endosperm-specific genes in the U-E pericarp Figure 6 ; Supplemental Figures S4 and S5 , which could contribute to the abnormal endosperm development in the U-E seed. These results indicate that ufo1 may have a significant role in maternal—filial interface growth and development.

The available data show high expression of ufo1 specifically at different interfaces, including the newly identified EAS that acts as an interface between embryo and endosperm Doll et al. Among several key regulatory genes, mrp-1 and basal endosperm-specific betl2 were upregulated in U-E 10 DAP seeds. Interestingly, in U-E pericarp, only betl1 , betl2 , betl9 , and betl10 showed significant upregulation. No change in expression of mrp1 and tcrr1 in U-E pericarp suggests that these BETL genes have a possible alternate spatiotemporal regulatory mechanism in the pericarp.

These results indicate that although meg1 was previously reported to be transcriptionally activated by MRP-1 Gutierrez-Marcos et al. These events coincide with highest expression of ufo1 at 12 DAP Li et al. Sugars regulate tryptophan-dependent auxin biosynthesis and TC differentiation LeClere et al.

The role of ufo1 in auxin-dependent cell differentiation is more evident because ectopic expression of ufo1 in U-E leads to abnormal stomata SC formation, which also requires auxin- and ethylene-dependent cell polarization Livanos et al. ABA biosynthesis genes mediate light, sugar, and osmotic stress responses Niu et al. As rab17 is an ABA-responsive gene Vilardell et al.

Due to the involvement of RAB17 in osmotic stress response Vilardell et al. U-E plants showed abnormal cell organization in leaf mesophyll Figure 4C and epidermal cell files Figure 4D , indicating that cell proliferation is perturbed due to ectopic expression of ufo1. The cumulative impact of abnormal cell proliferation possibly resulted in bending and rolled leaf-like phenotypes.

Ectopic expression of o11 ZmZOU was previously shown to be associated with abnormal stomata density and arrangement in epidermal cell files Grimault et al. U-E had upregulation of bhlh in pericarp, leaf as well as seeding Figure 8. Interestingly, gain-of-function Arabidopsis ICE1 scream-D had severely wrinkled leaves, the absence of interlocking pavement cells, abnormal stomata development, and severe growth defect in the whole plant Kanaoka et al.

The pericarp of U-S did not show differential expression Figure 8 of bhlh , and U-S plants did not display the developmental defects observed in U-E. These findings support the hypothesis that perturbation of the OZmICE1a regulatory axis in U-E plants is a potential underlying cause of developmental defects.

The high expression of ufo1 in maize kernel precedes the peak of o11 expression 9 DAP , suggesting that any changes in ufo1 expression can potentially alter o11 expression Feng et al. O11 and O2 antagonistically regulate protein kinase genes pdk1 and pdk2 , which control nutrient metabolism Feng et al. In the U-E pericarp, all four genes were significantly overexpressed Figure 8B.

One possible explanation is that the regulation of these genes is different in pericarp than the endosperm. We suggest that the altered expression of pdk1 , pdk2 , and pbf1 is the underlying cause of defects in SE of ufo1 mutants. Our results also show that overexpression of ufo1 not only impacts the O11 regulatory network but also affects a large number of TFs that are not regulated by O Although the exact nature of defects in two ufo1 mutants is not entirely similar, the overall impact of both gain-of-function and loss-of-function broadly results in reduced seed size, seed weight, starch content, abnormal sugar accumulation, and impaired specialized cell formation in the endosperm.

These results suggest that perturbation of ufo1 expression may impact certain fundamental biological processes that are involved in cell differentiation, hormone homeostasis, and carbohydrate allocation. It has been a challenge to decipher the function of ufo1 due to the absence of any known domains or annotations of the deduced amino acid sequence as well as the presence of its orthologs only in Poaceae.

Further understanding of the nature of UFO1 and its protein interactions will help to decipher how ufo1 impacts the expression of a vast array of genes in maize seed. All plant materials were grown during — summers at the Russell E.

The original maize Zea mays L. Ufo mutant stock was procured from Dr. Derek Styles and introgressed into inbred line B73 Chopra et al. The ufo1-Dsg allele was backcrossed to have W22 genetic background. In addition to genotyping, the homozygous ufo1-Dsg and WT seeds were isolated based on the presence and absence of GFP fluorescence, respectively, from segregating ears Supplemental Figure S1.

Cosegregation analysis showed a ratio of homozygous ufo1-Dsg , heterozygous ufo1-Dsg , and homozygous WT alleles. GFP fluorescence and significant difference in seed weight were used to isolate seeds of three genotypes for quantification of starch, sucrose, glucose, and fructose Supplemental Figure S1. For additional details of genotyping, see Supplemental Method S1.

Sequences of all primers used are listed in the Supplemental Table S1. Seeds of transgenic maize lines, carrying fluorescently tagged transgenes for fl2 , glb3 , and rab17 all driven by their native promotors, were procured from Dr. F 2 progeny of crosses between each line and WT were used as respective controls. The extraction of sugars and starch was performed based on methods described LeClere et al.

See the Supplemental Method S2 for additional details. Seeds collected from three independent ears were used as biological replicates per genotype per time point. Deparaffined sections were manually stained with toluidine blue O followed by observing and imaging using a BZ E Microscope Keyence, Osaka, Japan.

For stomata defects, samples were collected from abaxial surfaces of fully opened V3 leaves, and the glue impression protocol for epidermis was adapted Frank et al. Twenty independent impressions or epidermal sections were collected from four independent plants per genotypes. Samples were stained with propidium iodide Wright et al. Ten seeds from independent ears from three individual plants were sampled per genotype.

All PCR reactions were performed as described previously Wittmeyer et al. The primers used are listed in the Supplemental Table S2. Details of RNA-seq experimental design, library preparations, sequencing, and initial sequence analysis were described previously Wittmeyer et al. Gene names and descriptions for heatmaps were downloaded from maizegdb. All experiments included three biological replicates. Microsoft Excel version Supplemental Figure S1.

Cosegregation analysis of ufo1-Dsg and wildtype genotypes with different traits. Supplemental Figure S2. Seed size of different ufo1 mutant alleles. Supplemental Figure S3. Supplemental Figure S4. Expression of early seed development specific genes is altered by ectopic overexpression of ufo1 in U-E seedling, leaf, pericarp, and U-S pericarp.

Supplemental Figure S5. Supplemental Figure S6. Expression patterns of essential genes in sugar metabolism. Supplemental Figure S7. Expression patterns of essential genes in auxin transport and stomata development, ABA biosynthesis pathway, and ethylene responsive binding factors EREBs. Supplemental Figure S8. Supplemental Figure S9. Supplemental Figure S Expression patterns of TFs with predicted ufo1 interaction.

Expression patterns of O2-bound and activated DEGs. Supplemental Method S1. High-throughput DNA extraction and genotyping. Supplemental Method S2. Starch and soluble sugar quantification. Supplemental Table S1. List of primers used for genotyping in this study.

Supplemental Table S2. Supplemental Table S3. List of gene model IDs selected or screened to generate different heatmaps. We thank Penn State Russel E. Larson farm and greenhouse staff, and Microscopy Core Facility for their assistance. We thank Joanne M.

Dannenhoffer, Gary N. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation collaborative awards to S. Conflict of interest statement. The authors of this manuscript certify that they have no affiliations with or involvement in any organization or entity with any financial interest or non-financial interest in the subject matter or materials discussed in this manuscript. Plant Physiol. Published online Apr Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Louis, Missouri , USA. Corresponding author. Author for communication: ude. Received Nov 19; Accepted Apr 7. All rights reserved. For permissions, please email: journals. Abstract Maize Zea mays L. Introduction Maize Zea mays L. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Results ufo1 mutants have reduced seed weight and altered carbohydrate accumulation Here, we characterized mutant alleles of ufo1 , including U-E , U-S , and ufo1-Dsg Figure 1A. Figure 2. Figure 3. Mutations in ufo1 alter hormone levels during seed development Sugars have dual functions as photosynthates and regulatory signal molecules Koch, ; Rolland et al.

Figure 4. Ectopic Ufo expression causes developmental defects in vegetative tissues We have previously shown that mature U-E leaves and 18 DAP pericarps have ectopic overexpression of ufo1 Wittmeyer et al. Figure 5. Key endosperm development genes are differentially expressed in ufo1 mutants The developmental defects and aberrant accumulation of sugars and metabolites in ufo1 mutants have prompted us to examine the gene expression profiles. Figure 6. Figure 7. Overexpression of ufo1 affects transcription of o11 , o2 , and their target genes To understand the impact of ufo1 overexpression on the global gene expression network, we sought to identify its effect on different master regulator TFs.

Figure 8. The first edition was published as a single volume in under the guidance of Herbert Sober. The second edition appeared in and the third, with Gerald Fasman as editor, appeared in eight volumes published in —6. This increase in size reflected the rapid advances in knowledge in the then relatively new field of molecular biology. The 4th edition of the Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was published in with the goal of retaining material from the previous editions as well as incorporating some new material.

It is intended that current Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology be a companion volume to the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics—a single volume readyreference work that will find a home on the bookshelves of biochemists and molecular biologists everywhere. We have retained material from the fourth edition as well as including a large amount of material from the third edition.

It is recognized that some of this material is dated but it was our intent to convert this material to electronic copy with the goal of revising such for the 6th edition. We do not expect to go back again to previous volumes for additional material. It is intended that the Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology serve as repository of data on the properties of biochemicals and it is not intended to serve as textbook.

As such, some exciting areas of molecular biology are not included. There is comfort in that such work is extensively covered in other reviews. The advent of electronic media allows for more frequent updating and it is hoped that any infelicities in our selection may be readily rectified. Additionally, suggestions on new topics for this Handbook and notification of errors are always appreciated.

Show less. The second edition appeared in and the third, with Gerald Fasman as… Read more. Molecular biophysics is an interdisciplinary zone of exploration found at the convergence of sub-atomic science, science, compound science, and sub-atomic material science, with an accentuation on a quantitative, sub-atomic based method of request in… Read more.

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By , maize will have its genome sequence released, providing the sequence of the first average-size plant genome the four plant genomes that are now sequenced come from unusually tiny genomes and of the most complex genome sequenced from any organism. Among plant science researchers, maize has the second largest and most productive research community, trailing only the Arabidopsis community in scale and significance. At the applied research and commercial improvement levels, maize has no peers in agriculture, and consists of thousands of contributors worthwhile.

A comprehensive book on the biology of maize has not been published. The "Handbook of Maize: the Genetics and Genomics" center on the past, present and future of maize as a model for plant science research and crop improvement. The books include brief, focused chapters from the foremost maize experts and feature a succinct collection of informative images representing the maize germplasm collection.

Springer Shop Labirint Ozon. Such central genetic phenomena as telomeres, nucleolar organizers, transposable elements and epigenetic gene regulation were all discovered first in maize, and later found to be universal eukaryotic genome properties. These central genetic contributions continue, including the characterization of the structure and evolution of complex plant genomes. Among plant science researchers, maize has the second largest and most productive research community, trailing only the Arabidopsis community in scale and significance.

At the applied research and commercial improvement levels, maize has no peers in agriculture, and consists of thousands of contributors worthwhile. A comprehensive book on the biology of maize has not been published. In , Peterson and Bianchi published "Maize Genetics and Breeding in the 20th Century", a highly personal account of the last hundred years of maize genetics". In and , two editions of "The Mutants of Maize" were published, and these have been landmark books showing and briefly describing the contemporary genetic and molecular status of the maize mutant collection, a collection unsurpassed for any other organism, animal or plant.

In the last seven years, there has been no publication targeting maize genetics, genomics or overall biology. Hence, a modern and comprehensive volume on the status and future of maize as a species for biological study is highly warranted. Handbook of Maize: Its Biology centers on the past, present and future of maize as a model for plant science research and crop improvement. The book includes brief, focused chapters from the foremost maize experts and features a succinct collection of informative images representing the maize germplasm collection.

Jeff Bennetzen, Ph. He has studied the structure and evolution of the maize genome for the last 28 years. Sarah Hake, Ph. She has worked on maize throughout her scientific career.

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Handbook on Maize (Corn) Processing and Manufacture of Maize Products


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