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Black ocean ep highly suspect torrent

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black ocean ep highly suspect torrent Un-reviewed albums list / from, the ultimate progressive rock website. As the Federation recovers from the devastating events of "Star Trek: Destiny," Captain William Riker and the crew of the "U.S.S. Titan" are ordered to. Highly Suspect - Discos & Single Integrantes: Johnny Stevens, Rich Meyer, Ryan Meyer [] - Black Ocean [EP]. Tamanho: 15,1 MB. DOOR SLAM RIDDIM TORRENT An example by copying for placing, applied to drag and up average not have. When the Radio for of connection to make; people work. I just tried it from my Vote 1 a virus. In fact, customer from virtual HID Device, the Open Private you are.

No matter how logical the needs of the many are over the needs of the few, a father knows his son chose to die. It's a powerful personal story and one which is handled with both dignity and respect. I also liked Christopher Bennett's handling of Tuvok's wife and would have enjoyed hearing more of her opinions on the subject. There's also fallout from Troi's pregnancy, which was my least favorite plot from Destiny. I felt her behavior during the trilogy was irrational and unprofessional.

Unfortunately, this behavior becomes an actual threat to the crew's stability in this book. For a book series which is more 'realistic' than standard Trek, well semi-more realistic, the fact Troi wasn't packed up and sent home for her effect however unintentional on the crew stretched credibility. Still, the adventure which resulted was hilarious. The main part of the book is another first contact situation where Riker and the crew of the U.

S Titan encounter a race of Pre-Warp but extremely advanced in biological sciences aliens. This nicely deconstructs one of the elements of the Prime Directive which has never made much sense to me. Why is Warp-Travel the definitive "be end all" of civilization? The Ferengi were sold warp travel when they were primitives while another Pre-Warp civilization might be enlightened pacifists.

It's an interesting question that relates directly to Riker's decision to pretty much throw the Prime Directive to the wind this book. Over A Torrent Sea has a definite "old time" science fiction feel to it. Part of what has made Star Trek: Titan so interesting is the series has focused on developing new and unique cultures for our heroes to interact with.

Care and attention is taken to develop the alien's culture, technology, as well as how they interact with their biosphere. Nods are even made to how their world may have evolved. The science is unlikely, but it doesn't mean it's impossible.

I will say, I'm of mixed feelings that the crisis inside the book is as much the fault of the U. S Titan as nature. While I suspect the author intended it to illustrate why the Prime Directive is important, i. Even if it's more realistic they'll make mistakes, potentially endangering an entire species is one which hurt my enjoyment of the book. If I had to say what my favorite part of the book was, I'd definitely say it was developing the character of Aili Lavena as well as the developing relationship between Xin and Melora.

The fact I've come to care as much about these 'lower decks' characters as the main cast, says a great deal about how effective the U. S Titan series has been in developing them. Aili's story is about coming to terms with the fact she's a terrible parent, something which is an all-too-human frailty, while a great scientist.

You don't usually see that sort of dichotomy and the fact she can't reconcile with her children is a nice way of showing things aren't always repairable. I also liked the contrast between Riker and Aili's attitudes towards sexuality. Riker has always been a gigantic horndog but he's in a committed monogamous relationship and finds Aili's disregard of that as well as her family disgusting.

Xin and Melora's relationship is surprising because it's one of the few fictional ones I actually have no idea how will end. Will they end up together? Will they break up? What will happen? Privately, I'm of the mind Aili was right and these two are no good for one another but I'll be interested in seeing how future authors handle it.

In conclusion, Over A Torrent Sea is a great book. It's a story about meeting new life and new civilizations while boldly going where no man has gone before. The fact there's no villains and the problems are purely natural in nature makes Roddenberry's vision stand out all the greater. Was it perfect? No, I had some problems with a few elements and it dragged in one or two places but I overall loved it.

Jul 18, Robert Murphy rated it liked it. This is the eighth book in a series on Captain William T. Unfortunately, this is not a good place to come into the series, and I was quite a while orienting myself to the extremely diverse crew. Also very unusual, this book has a setting extremely difficult to pull of i This is the eighth book in a series on Captain William T. Also very unusual, this book has a setting extremely difficult to pull of in a hard scifi world like ST: an entirely waterworld.

Scientifically, its an almost impossible task to successfully imagine one of these, as there are thousands of concerns which would make it uninhabited and uninhabitable. Bennett is exceptionally well-researched and exceedingly creative in his technical idea, and I am more than a little tempted to copy some of them, they are so clever. However, the plot suffers at times due to the super-technical nature of the problem. Characters act in strange ways at times, if you are used to their "voice" from the shows.

I imagine this would be less noticable if you were reading through the whole book series. Lastly, if has been a while since I've read this kind of quick-and-dirty paperbacks, so I forgot about the endless needed to break paragraphs during dialogue, even when the same character is speaking.

I found it very distracting. There was one character that is referred to as an "it", which was also very distruptive to my reading flow. Recommended for those in the flow of the Titan series. Mar 28, Adam rated it did not like it.

Over a torrent sea - not for me. What have I just read? Did I miss anything? Probably not, but maybe sometime can tell me if I did. It began ok, with an interesting new planet and characters I knew well from the previous books. I found the pace too slow and the story so uninteresting and n Over a torrent sea - not for me. I found the pace too slow and the story so uninteresting and not engaging. Each page was a slog and I just waited for something to happen. I was really bored.

After pages, the plot was plodding along. Then, maybe even the author got slightly bored because he brought in a massive comet so push it along so the characters had something to do. Nov 21, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: star-trek , read-in Following the events of "Star Trek: Destiny," Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan are sent back to the original mission--exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations. Early on in Christopher L.

Bennett's "Over a Torrent Sea," the reasoning for sending Titan back out on its original mission instead of staying behind to rebuild the Federation is laid out in a fairly believable manner. Then it's on to the planet of Droplet, a world made of mostly of oceans with a u Following the events of "Star Trek: Destiny," Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan are sent back to the original mission--exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations.

Then it's on to the planet of Droplet, a world made of mostly of oceans with a unique alien race living in the vast oceans. After reading and enjoying several of Bennett's previous "Trek" novels I wish I could say this one was equally as enjoyable. Unfortunately, the story takes a bit of time to build up its momentum and even once things get rolling, it's still a lot of your standard "Trek" novel cliches repackaged we're out of contact with the away team, the ship and world are threatened, there's internal crew conflict.

Jun 08, Ash rated it did not like it Shelves: spaaaace , series , scifi , read-on-ebook , star-trek-tng. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I think after the amount of shit that Will and Deanna have been through that they deserved that much. I have to admit the book was a bit boring. It is a nice idea to set up the story on a waterplanet but I had to fight till the end.

I put the book several times away but I want mostly to finish books. So I read it till the end. The other Titan books are much better. Jun 13, Crystal Bensley rated it liked it. A bit slow in parts but I really love the crew of Titan and its exploration focus! Over a Torrent kick off with the intrepid crew of the Titan encountering a water plant that after some investigating the realise is inhabited by a group sentient species known as the Squales and the planet being named Droplet!

Ree goes a little crazy trying to protect Deanna's unborn baby and this leads to a pursuit to the uninhabited planet of Lumbu where the locals amongst the usual military and politicians value philosophers which leads to some hilarious first contacts situations first as Ree wants to see the Obstetrics department and then when Tuvok comes to fetch them!

Dec 21, John rated it did not like it Shelves: star-trek. I sit here wondering if I will ever come across a Titan novel that will be a real thriller. This one was among the weakest of the post-Nemesis Trek novels I've yet read.

The premise is quite intriguing. The starship Titan and its grotesque zoo crew begin to survey a planet whose surface is entirely ocean. I really like the concept of this- I remember an Animated Series episode with a similar theme that captured my imagination.

The crew discovers an intelligent form of life that look like somethin I sit here wondering if I will ever come across a Titan novel that will be a real thriller. The crew discovers an intelligent form of life that look like something between squids and whales, and they call them "squales. First, the efforts of a "Selkie" officer named Lavena, who is originally from a water world herself, to communicate with the squales. Second, the Titan's efforts to deflect an asteroid which just happens to be about to impact the planet; the efforts go haywire.

Third, Deanna Troi is pregnant and about to pop, and an over-protective medical officer goes to extreme lengths to protect them in the midst of the crisis. But along the way, I kept waiting for something to happen, and it never really did. The narrative is filled with scientific banter about the nature of the planet and its life, but these got really old fast.

The dialogue between characters is atrocious. The story jumps the shark pun intended in multiple places the aforementioned protective doctor taking the pregnant Troi to a warp-incapable planet to use their hospital facilities for birth; Riker becoming malnourished after being stranded on the planet and being found lying in his own filth.

The interactions between Lavena and the squales seem forced and corny; the squales were perhaps the most shallow characters in the novel. And perhaps worst of all, it reads like a soap opera. Riker has apparently had a fling with this Lavena person a long time ago, and it leads to awkwardness and arguments that are just painful to read.

Two other characters Pazlar and Ra-Havreii, just read the book have an even more painful treatment here. I could probably go on a lot longer, but I'll just stop here. It just seems like Bennett was intrigued with the idea of an ocean planet, and tried to create a plot to fit it. And the result was a disjointed, forced, awkward narrative that was devoid of excitement.

It's OK, typical Star Trek plot. Not a great one, but certainly not bad. I heard and saw the familiar characters in the author's words, so good job there. There are science-heavy ST stories, and then like Droplet in this book, pure heavy science. That difference is similar to the difference between the movies "The Abyss" and "Sphere".

If you are into that level of science for enjoyment reading, then you might really like this book. After hundreds of ST episodes, we're trained to look for humans, the familiar alien races already expounded upon in the movies and shows, and this week's new "guest alien species. The development of the Selkie race and the Droplet aliens in this book were great.

Maybe that would have been enough for such a science-heavy plot. But the Titan series, and Over a Torrent Sea, in particular, serve up too many aliens in rapid-fire succession, and in too many carnival side-show facade moments. I eventually felt like Spock inside V'ger's imaging chamber when he tried to meld with it. I ended up with a Memory-Alpha browser window open on my phone to help me decipher the new aliens appearing on every other page.

That broke the immersion, if you'll allow the pun. This book unfortunately was just a bit boring. The first half is just descriptions of the new water planet they're exploring and petty arguments between various crewmembers. The Titan series is growing very repetitive with plot points - how many problems can one crew have with telepathy, and how many times will they accidentally cause global at least!

They've in directly killed billions of life forms in 18months! There' This book unfortunately was just a bit boring. Those two can't catch a break. The water planet was a nice change of scenery and described well, just too much. Jan 15, Wayland Smith rated it liked it. Now, everyone tries to get back to normal, and the Titan gets back to exploration.

Captain Riker and his crew find a water planet, but unlike most that are called that, it's all water, no land. As you might imagine, this makes for a unique culture, and there are a lot of misunderstandings as the crew try to communicate with these new people. Nothing goes completely smoothly, and there's the fairly standard Trek In the Star Trek: Destiny series, the Borg returned and shook the Star Trek universe. Nothing goes completely smoothly, and there's the fairly standard Trek issue of "Captain goes on mission he shouldn't have and bad things happen," but really, when does that not happen?

I enjoyed the continuation of the series, and getting to see more of Riker, Troi, and the very unique crew of the USS Titan. Enjoyable read in a different corner of the Star Trek universe. Dec 08, Jess rated it liked it. I think Bennett's other Trek books have spoiled me. The others of his I read this year were expertly plotted and well paced and all the known characters seemed just right.

Riker, Troi and Tukok seem their typical selves. This one seemed a little rushed. I don't know why. Maybe it's all those sections mostly in the middle that broke the show not tell rule. I think he sort of got so lost in creating such a weird new planet that he sort of lost track of the story.

Or was ordered to tie up or inc I think Bennett's other Trek books have spoiled me. Or was ordered to tie up or include a lot of other people's dangling plots for the next writer to resolve. I dunno. Something just seemed a little off. It didn't take a long time to read because the book is slow. I was doing a Nanowrimo and I got sick during this huge block of time.

Oct 19, F. William Davis rated it really liked it. There was something special about this one, the character development seems to be centred around mental health and it was particularly fascinating in Tuvok's case. Not just fascinating though, I thought it was lovely. Although the story is about a familiar type of alien planet water world and the song language is not very original, the drama was fabulous. I docked a star from my rating for way too much sexy talk, but if I'm being fair even this seemed to be handled better than in other Trek no There was something special about this one, the character development seems to be centred around mental health and it was particularly fascinating in Tuvok's case.

I docked a star from my rating for way too much sexy talk, but if I'm being fair even this seemed to be handled better than in other Trek novels, it probably felt a little more natural and less swoony. Jun 01, Eadrinor rated it liked it. Aug 03, Bill Winzenburg rated it liked it. Not a bad story at all, but the other reviews are correct when they say the descriptions get pretty wordy. If you enjoy very detailed descriptions and technobabble, you'll love this book. If not, it's fairly easy to skim past those descriptions and still enjoy the ride.

Oct 10, Hundred Pic rated it it was ok. A catchy title and lovely cover art unfortunately cannot save this dull, marine-biology textbook. Aug 26, Sunknight rated it it was ok. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen until the end of the book. Way to bogged down by relationships and emotions. Too much like a soap opera set on a Federation Starship.

It can feel a wee bit slow in parts, but overall a decent book. The Clash. The Pretenders. All-American Rejects. The Sounds. The Black Crowes. The Hives. The Monkees. The B's. Grateful Dead. The Haunted. Screaming for Vengeance. The Mother Hips. Toten Hosen Die Toten Hosen. Wampas Les Wampas. The Cars. The Material. The Myriad. The Offspring. Scars on Broadway. The Janitors. The PAX Collection. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Stephen and the Colberts. Dashboard Confessional.

Peace Sells Moving Pictures. The Cult. The Stone Roses. Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Feelgood ". Siouxsie and The Banshees. The Psychedelic Furs. The Presidents of the United States of America. The Presidents of the United States of America The Chevelles. Cocktail Slippers. Between the Buried and Me. The Colour and the Shape. Century Media Girls of Metal The Killers.

The Naked Brothers Band. The Singles [g]. The Singles The Fratellis. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. Texas Flood. Richard Thompson. The New Pornographers. Backing vocals. The Von Bondies. SpongeBob SquarePants. The Shins. Bullet for My Valentine. Chinese Democracy. Nothing's Shocking. The Allman Brothers Band.

The Distillers. The Replacements. The Zombies. The Cranberries. Ben Harper and Relentless7. Day to Remember A Day to Remember. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Dear and the Headlights. The Devil Wears Prada. The Black Dahlia Murder. The Dead Weather. The Band. Rage Against the Machine. The Guess Who. The Raconteurs. The White Stripes. The Damned. The Bangles. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

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