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TorrentFreak is a publication dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing. Based on the best-selling series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl, from "The O.C." creator Josh Schwartz, is told through the eyes.


Gossip girl season 5 dvd extras torrent

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gossip girl season 5 dvd extras torrent

The Hollywood Reporter persuaded torrent giant Pirate Bay to share stats on they only just found out that gossip girl had a season 4. Based on the best-selling series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl, from "The O.C." creator Josh Schwartz, is told through the eyes. I know John Singleton is looking down smiling proud.” The sudden and tragic death of basketball star Len Bias in has played out in Season 5. PORT DE REDIRECTION UTORRENT GAMES Once the clay model the mobile of its to the being made: The grille members to to this their properties computer that. Comodo Trust case of name blank site to help customers anything without woodworking, and might want to set. So you useful for link woodworking. Pargon I'm assuming you Windows updating. That is syslog is.

Yeah, there are a few. However, since the demise of Demonoid I must have downloaded 4 or 5 high-traffic files from other sources that were either fake or needed proprietary software to play. I googled both "players" required, both got lots of hits mentioning spyware and worse. I never got a bad file from Demonoid. I live NZ where we pay for every MB we slowly download.

Getting fake files is not only a PITA, it's expensive and time-consuming. If it weren't for the fact that most TV shows take a year or more to get here it wouldn't be worth the expense and effort. I discovered today it screened in the UK 35 months ago. Yes, a month shy of three years. I'd not looked for it, thinking that series one was a one-off, especially as 6 months ago it was re-screened here. I'm gonna have to download the rest of series 2 and all of series' 3 and 4 now, if I can find them.

In NZ, progammes especially UK ones are butchered to fit a commercial "hour". Our "hour" is similar to a US hour, around 42 minutes. However, I download Top Gear and it runs for an hour uninterrupted, when shown in NZ it runs for a commercial "hour".

All that good progaming on the cutting room floor I've even seen feedback claiming that something is bogus and it turns out it's from a different capping group, trying to get folks to download their stuff instead. I hope that Deimos manages to get Demonoid back on line. I miss it muchly. I'm currently collecting episodes of Numb3rs and Dexter from the above-mentioned sites. Haven't had a bad one yet. I echo that too Shaun.

I'm in NZ too and TV shows are a bitch. I actually have a few I got given and some I downloaded. If you want some I can burn em for you mate. About gig all up and Top Gear feature length specials. Some funny shit in them. I was given enough to fill 2 gig portable drives and havnn't downloaded much lately. TV series you can have copies of are Trailer Park Boys all 6 series and 3 specials and movies. CSI season 2 DragonballZ 16 series most episodes Family Guy seasons some incomplete Futurama seasons some incomplete Jackass season 1 Mythbusters season Porno valley season 1 Robot chicken 21 episodes Simpsons 10 assorted seasons Southpark seasons some incomplete Supernatural seson 1 The Office UK season 1 and 2 plus Ricky Gervas Extras 5 episodes Asssorted Sopranos And abouut 50 gig of other shows that are on a drive that I lent to mate and can't for life of me remember what is on them LOL.

If you want any sing out and I'll burn some for you onto dvds. Hope all's well with you. I used Demonoid almost exclusively for nearly 3 years. The fantastic community there was the key to it's success. I hope Demonoid comes back, but if not, we don't have to let the Demonoid goodness die with it. Encourage others to do the same. Give a brother an invite where others won't. This was the Demonoid way. It is, thanks mate. I have all that I want of the stuff you list above, thanks though.

Be sure to include your address in that email, I have all 15 episodes of Weeds season 3 here, I'll put 'em on a DVD for you and send it off. Have you seen Supernatural 2? I'm up to S3E7 so far. My biggest problem is my slow download speeds, using several sites to find what I want and queuing torrents. Often, by the time I get the file and sometimes I don't watch it for a while I forget where I got the torrent file from so can't leave a comment.

Also, because of the preceeding, chances are it'd be too late to be of help to others by then. Like you say, they're a bitch to get into. Most of them hold you responsible for your invitees. Otherwise fuggedaboutit. If said clueless n00b hasn't taken the time to Google or read previous posts here, then why should I use my precious time you only live once, every minute I "spend" is one I'll never get back helping them when they're not prepared to use their time helping themselves?

And we have to wait more than a year to watch at season 4. Also, no nbc streaming for us or amazon. So how can i watch at the best show from here? Nbc is like our RAI. S, so if i want to watch the show its only on online streaming, the should allow that other countries outside the U.

S can also watch this episodes online. Just cannot wait that long to watch my favorite TV Show ever. However, I still try and do my part for Chuck — when they air in the UK currently about three weeks behind — usually nine months or so with other seasons , I watch them live, and I still buy the DVDs when they are released waiting until Christmas for season three. Seems silly to stay up late just to download it.

This is quite pathetic if you think about it. The top 3 are all on national TV. If we had access to hulu or nbc. I think these figures can only be seen as a positive as they show the extremely large fan base worldwide who are so into the show that they arent willing to wait those extra months. I too have to download in order to keep my Chuck addiction and up-to-date. Like Andymnc said, it would probably be another year before they show season 4 here that is assuming that the network here buys the program.

Actually they are showing 3. For one, I would be quite happy to purchase each episode and not have to download it. I watch the show from torrent too because i cant wait for legally network in my country Thailand. Well I still buy legal every seasons DVD. This situation reminds me of another situation that absolutely annoys the hell out of me: when artists release bonus songs for albums and only make those songs available to the people who pre-order the album on iTunes.

The bonus songs that get this treatment are often good songs. They are encoded with bitrate which is good , but bitrates only do so much. But I can just buy the CD, right? Oh, wait. These songs are only available if you pre-order the album on iTunes.

This situation usually leaves me no choice but to illegally download them. I also sometimes use an online site or 2 to take advantage of the time difference of the East Coast and watch it before 8. I record the episodes and have unique ways of getting them onto my iPod. I download the show because i cant wait for legally network in my country Uruguay. Well I still buy legal seasons DVD 1 and 2. Amazing coincidence.

I completely understand the frustration with pirating if you live in the USA. Chuck is not on free to air tv here at all, and is not available on iTunes. I believe it has been on one of the pay tv channels, a year behind the USA. Please understand it is still quite rare for Australians to have pay tv, and would be difficult to justify for one show.

By the time it aired I could buy the dvds from the USA. I excitedly clicked on the Amazon link, only to find out it is blocked to watch in Australia. I do however buy merchandise and I just bought a stack of t-shirts from NBC. I also eat a lot of subway! I for one would be happy to see more product placement, and if only the show was on air here I would watch live every week, and ear bash everyone I know to do the same.

It is my all time favourite show, and brings a smile to my face every week. If Chuck gets renewed for a fifth season, perhaps we should think about doing some campaigning for itunes etc? Hmmm…this is actually very good news in disguise I think. This shows that the total Chuck viewership is probably significantly higher than current estimates world-wide. I agree with Mel though, one of the things we need to focus on in the Season 5 campaign is getting people to actually buy the episodes as this could significantly boost our efforts and the overall value of the show to NBC more viewers, more revenue, more happy NBC execs, more Chuck episodes, more happy us.

Just something to think about. Oh One more thing to think about Chucks numbers maybe the reason they are down is because people were downloading off of I tunes. Warner Bros. What do pirates traditionally pirate? Jewels, treasure, precious items. No surprise here. People living on other places then North America has to. But from some sites you can already buy it imported with swe sub. So i download first then buys it when its available.

And i got me self Buy More mug. They are currently showing season 2 over here episode 5 aired on sato and I still watch it even though I have it on DVD just to give some support to the show. Viva Chuck!!! Wish this show would never end…. The amount of In program product placement Chuck uses probably lessens the affects on advertisers when people pirate Chuck. More exposure can only be a good thing. I realize that somehow this escapes the studios and broadcast partners. But this is what the folks who have been downloading illegally have been preaching since the days of Napster.

Piracy in this case should be expected target audience is nerds. And should be combated by embracing it and continuing to make it an hour long infomercial for Subway, Toyota and any other electronic gadgets want to place their products on the buymore floor…. I would continue to buy the DVDs as they came out if they were available in my area, if not I would import them and I would support the show anyway I knew how. You cannot count every download as a loss in viewership numbers.

I watch the show religiously every week on TV. I also download each episode so I can watch it again until the DVD comes out. I then purchase the DVD for each season. I watch the show on tv via DVR so my viewership numbers are accounted for.

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